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You Will Always Be In A Battle In A Toxic Relationship, 2022.

Hello to all of you incredible people. My name is Debra. As one of many steps towards my recovery and healing journey from attacks against my life by demons from hell, I speak out about the terrible devastations that are happening against God’s people due to demonic attacks and hostile possession and takeovers by negative evil spirits from hell.

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It would be wonderful if all of God’s people would put forth some type of action in helping an abused victim out of abusive relationships.

So many people are stuck and are involved in abusive relationships. Many of God’s children are under a demonic attack that has caused a massive shortage of baby formula. The negative spirits from hell are always plotting against and raging against God’s babies.

So many people all across this Nation are experiencing devastation to our finances. The steady and abusive increase in gas prices at the gas pumps has been very shocking and painful to many of God’s people all across this Nation.

Demonic spirits from hell are happy when God’s people are struggling, suffering, and are in agony trying to stay afloat with the attacks that are happening against us at the gas pumps.

Verbal abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, and spiritual abuse represent a type of assassination, a lynching, manslaughter, or homicide, that is designed to kill, steal and destroy a person’s health, relationships, and life.

The mind, spirit, soul, and heart of an abusive toxic demonic person is a heart that is filled with anger, fury, hatred, abuse, violence, and rage.

Be aware that a person is able to commit manslaughter, homicide, lynching, or assassination when they have a heart that is filled with anger, fury, violence, hatred, abuse, and rage.

Many people are not able to face the truth about the death of relationships with a toxic, abusive demonic person.

They won’t face the truth about the verbal, emotional, spiritual, and or physical killing, death, and assassination of relationships that is permanently over forever and can never be brought to life.

You can not bring back to life and you can not bring back the health of relationships that have been lynched, destroyed, killed, or assassinated by the toxic demonic abuser.

It is unfortunate that those evil and toxic spirits that are behind the iron curtains are using their billions and trillions of dollars to take out their revenge against God’s people. They are constantly causing death and destruction against God’s people of this Nation over and over again.

We God’s people have to understand that no matter how nice, kind, friendly, respectful, empathetic, supportive, caring, or loving our spirit and our nature is, it will not be the deciding factor in how we are being treated by others people.

We have to understand clearly that we are not going to get a person who has an angry nature, evil personality, wicked character, or abusive behaviors to treat us with tender, loving, kindness, respect, and care.

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There is nothing on this Earth that any person would be able to do to get a domineering bully, a cruel evil demonic abuser, a wicked mean, and hateful person to turn from their evil and wicked ways and become a loving, kind, tender, gentle, caring, compassionate, understanding, humble person.

This is not in their nature, it is not who they are.

You have to expect people to treat you in a healthy, loving, and kind way or in an abusive, toxic, and unhealthy way based on their own personality, traits, features, behaviors, and character.

A loving, kind, compassionate person is a natural part of their nature. It is not something that they have to try to do. But a person who has an abusive, evil, cruel, wicked, mean nature has to try to be nice, try to be kind, and try to be loving to another person because it is not a natural part of their nature.

You are putting yourself in danger by being involved in a relationship with people who are not showing you any kindness, good manners, friendliness, respect, love, concern, care, emotion, or even a strong liking.

A toxic abusive demonic spirit from hell receives pleasure from our pain. They are enjoying watching our struggle in trying to afford to pay for their gas hikes.

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Understand that when you are in a relationship with an abusive, toxic, evil, wicked demonic, psychopath, sociopath, or narcissist person it’s a guarantee that you will always be in a battle.

Being in a toxic relationship will always be a relationship that will give you trauma, turmoil, struggles, conflicts, hostility, attacks, fights, and strife.

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I leave you incredible people with scripture that will describe the nature of the people who are responsible for causing suffering to God’s babies with the baby formula shortage. And who is also causing financial pain and suffering to the working-class people?

It is from the book of John Chapter 8 verse 44

You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning and has nothing to do with the truth because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

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