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Why You Should Stay Away From The Narcissist (Mind Games). 2020

In this video, I will be providing you with different types of mind games that the Narcissist will play against their prey in order to control, abuse, and manipulate them. #narcissist

Hi Everyone,

My name is Debra and I am the creator of It is a self-care self-love system that is set up to provide information, teaching, comfort, and ideas.

I began focusing the majority of my time and attention on researching, studying, learning, investigating, and praying about the Narcissist and other Toxic and Abusive personality types, over ten years ago.

My devotion to this platform was due to my discovery about a Religious Stalking Narcissist Occult that has been in operation for over 40 years. #discovery

Now it may be more but my personal research took me back 40 and possibly 50 years ago.

On that note, I began my journey into sounding the alarm about the dangers of being involved with the Narcissist and any other manipulative and abusive Cluster B personality types. #alarm

In this video, I will be sharing some of the major mind games that are being played against the health and well-being of the Narcissist and any other Toxic Abuser’s prey. #narcissist

The first mind game is called gaslighting. If this is being done to you then this is a major sign for you to know for sure that you are being abused by a Narcissist or Toxic Abuser.

Gaslighting is when the victim is being rejected, dismissed, lying, distortion, false information, defiance, dispute, denial, in an effort to make you question your sanity, your consciousness, your mind, your awareness, your opinion, your reality. #gaslighting

I would like to share with you a You-Tube video by another one of my online mentors. He is a Psychotherapist and his name is Dr. Les Carter.

This video is from Surviving Narcissism and it is titled The Gaslighting Narcissist. Dr. Carter is very good about telling it like it is.

I have learned so much over the years watching and listening to all of my online mentors. Please click on the link and it will take you to the video. Or copy and paste the link in the address bar in order to view the video in full.

The Gaslighting Narcissist. Dr. Carter

The next very typical mind game the Narcissist will play in order to manipulate their prey is called Projection.

This is when the Narcissist or the Toxic Abuser will blast, blame, disapprove, or chastise their prey for the same things that they are doing.

For example,

They will be rubbing the dirt off of themselves and rubbing their dirt onto you.

They will be blaming and belittling you for their own evil behaviors, abusive reactions, and cruel emotions.

Every ugly comment they are speaking is really about themselves.

This Projection mind game should be called mind screwing because after getting too many doses of this abusive projection game it will leave you questioning yourself if you are the abusive Narcissist.

I would like to share with you another one of my online mentors named Dr. Carmen Bryant.

Dr. Carmen is a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Washington.

I refer to Dr. Carmen as the Rock and Roll Dr. who doesn’t play. She is hard-hitting and in your face.

She has a You-Tube video on her channel that is titled Narcissist Projection.

Please click on the link and it will take you to the video. Or copy and paste the link in the address bar in order to view the video in full.

Narcissist Projection Dr.Carmen

The next very typical mind games are called the guilt trip.

The Narcissist or the Toxic abuser will show their negative feelings, resentment, and anger by stressing to their prey what they have done that was bad.

Having a temper tantrum is another horrifying mind game the Narcissist will play.

You will notice over time that the Narcissist or the Toxic Abusers are locked in the mindset, behaviors, and attitude of a five-year-old child.

You will also notice over time that the Narcissist has no emotional or mental ability to reason, help, understand, love, share, or to empathize.

They are the type of person who prefers to dish out the silent treatments, demands, warnings, bullying, along with gluttony of I want and Give Me. #silent

Constant Criticism is another mind game the Narcissist or the Toxic Abuser will play.

The sneer, buffoonery, scorn, demeaning, abuse, smear, belittling, and rejecting you to make you feel like a peon is all done in order to put themselves on a pedestal.

If an abuser is constantly putting you down, insulting you, hurting you, and criticizing you do yourself a big favor and let them go away from you forever.

There comes a time in a person’s reality where you should know that you don’t deserve to have that negative and poisonous behavior being used against you.

Pretending to be Ignorant of playing dumb in order to get away with negative, toxic, and abusive behaviors or attitudes is another Narcissist mind games.

The victim-hood mind game is a method that is created to take advantage of a person’s good nature, or a person’s morals and principles.

This mind game will also take advantage of a person’s sentimental feelings, this all for the Narcissist to benefit personally.

For Example:

If a Narcissist explodes and says terrible things, it’s because you made them do it. If they forget a child’s birthday, you should have helped them to remember.

No matter the situation, you are at fault for all of the Narcissist’s wrongdoings. Period. Big or small, you’re to blame and the Narcissist is the victim.

Negative Humor is another mind game that the Narcissist or the Toxic person will play against their prey in order to wrap you around their fingers.

The purpose of this mind game is to make you feel uncomfortable and insecure.

They will use belittling, biting, sharp, hairsplitting, sarcastic remarks in order for you to feel like you are unimportant, trash, nothing, or a peon.

In summary,

based on my personal experiences from being victimized by a Religious Narcissist Stalking Occult and because I have been around and involved with Narcissists and or Toxic abusers all of my life it can be very emotionally, mentally, spiritually disturbing to your life.

Many people including myself who have survived being in relationships with Narcissists, Sociopaths, Psychopaths, or any other Cluster B personality types can say that there may be some non-stressful moments but the overall experience of being around these toxic abusive people is especially undesirable.

  • Expect to receive an unlimited supply of Disrespect, Defiance, Stubbornness.

  • Expect to feel useless, or without any value because your sense of value does not serve their evil spirit.

  • Expect to feel anxious, they love watching you walking on eggshells.

  • Expect to not feel safe you are always in an emotional war with these abusers.

  • Expect to be blamed for everything, the problems are because of your failings.

  • Expect to feel not lovable because you don’t understand that they are not lovable.

  • Expect to give up on your future, your hopes, your dreams, your happiness.

  • Expect them to have your time, attention, and energy drained for their narcissist supply.

  • Expect them not to want anyone competing with them. Because they must have your negative and your positive energy for their supply, fuel, to survive.

In Conclusion,

I want to continue to express how vital it is in healing and recovery from being involved in any type of abusive relationship to making self-care a priority.

To stay healthy or even to become a survivor, you have got to do something for yourself every day.

This is not something to take lightly. It does not matter how small it is but please do something every day to provide yourself with self-care and self-love.

Yesterday My car was having some work done, so while I was waiting I got to spend several hours

walking, window shopping, and having a nice meal at a nice restaurant.

I saw some really cool neon fish that I have never seen before. I had a very nice self-care, self-love day.

I added a link to a video that I did about doing a Self-Care Challenge for July.

Check out the video to see if you may want to do a Self-Care Challenge. Click the link to check out the video.

It is titled: Ideas For July's Self-Care Challenge

I leave you with a quote.

If someone treats you like garbage, always remember that there is something seriously wrong with them. Not You!

People who are normal and healthy will never go around doing terrible things to kill, steal, destroy, and mistreat other people.

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Now I want to turn it over to you.

Which one of the You-Tube videos are you going to look at?

Are you going to watch The Gaslighting Narcissist by Dr. Carter?

Or Are you going to watch Narcissist Projection by Dr. Carmen Bryant?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

Most people do not realize they are in a narcissistic relationship only to find out that everything they thought about their relationship is really a lie. The hardest thing is to look over your life whether it was a long-term relationship or a short-lived relationship and to find out that the person you thought cared did not have the capacity to do so because of a personality disorder.

Dr. Les Carter (Author)

Are you one who likes to keep the peace even when it comes at a high emotional price for yourself? Do your attempts to resolve differences with a controller leave you feeling wrung out and discouraged? Do you sense that your best traits (goodness, kindness, cooperation) somehow become a disadvantage with an overbearing counterpart? These questions and many more are addressed in the book, When Pleasing You Is Killing Me.

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