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Why You Should Be Tired Of The (Narcissist Manipulation). 2020

In this video, I will be discussing so many reasons why the narcissist victims should be tired of the ongoing manipulations. #narcissist

This information just may get you to throw in the towel.

Hi Everyone,

My name is Debra. I am the creator of the website.

It is a self-care self-love system that is set up to provide information, support, teaching, comfort, and ideas.

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I began concentrating a large part of my time and attention on researching, studying, learning, reporting, investigating, and praying about the Narcissist and other Toxic and Abusive personality types, over ten years ago.

My devotion and loyalty to this discovery were due to my uncovering a Super Secret, Super High Tech, Jim Jones Religious Stalking Narcissist Occult that has been in operation for well over 40 years.

Now I am sure that this evil and cruel perverted stalking narcissist operation has been in place longer than 40 years.

I have not been able to speak with enough people that can help me with my research going back over 50 years ago.

This Occult Organization has very serious problems with me mainly because I worship God and I am in support of the ministry of Jesus Christ.

I refuse to worship, honor, or obey the demands of the highly Manipulative False Prophet Counterfeit Bishop Pulpit Demon Narcissist Puppet Masters. #manipulation

I am really sad and disappointed that this is the reality that is happening against God’s people.

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No one has a right to trick people while pretending to be working for God and Jesus Christ but really are Narcissist Manipulators working to Kill, Steal, Destroy and Abuse God’s people on behalf of their father the Devil. #narcissist

I am totally against abuse.

There is no reason why anyone should be abused.

I began my journey into sounding the alarm about the dangers of being involved with the Narcissist and any other manipulative and abusive Cluster B personality types.

What I do know is God doesn't like ugly and the Narcissist along with any other Cluster B personality types and their Flying Monkeys are being really cruel, evil, and ugly.

In this video, I will be going over many different reasons why the Narcissist or any other Toxic Abuser’s victims should be sick and tired of being manipulated. #manipulated

I will start this discussion on what is a manipulator?

What is a manipulator?
A manipulator is a wolf in sheep's clothing. 
A manipulator is an emotional intimidator and control nutcase. 
A manipulator is a master in playing mind games.
A manipulator is afraid of being exposed and opened.  
A manipulator will blame you for their behaviors.
A manipulator is a schemer, a conniver, a rascal, a swindler, a controller, a handler, a slave-driver.

A manipulator is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

You won’t be able to guess at all that you are being used and abused. Because they are very wonderful at copying their victim's demands and wishes.

They are able to develop the character of who you believe they are, yet it’s outright a pipe dream and a false belief.

A manipulator is an emotional intimidator and control nutcase.

They must be in control because they feel powerful and superior over everyone and everything.

They think that they are angels in their own minds. They will control what is good for you.

They will cause your life to be troublesome, tormented, destroyed if you don’t follow their direction or if you don’t outright glorify them.

A manipulator is a master in playing mind games.

Some manipulators are extremely experienced. Their approach is so clever and sophisticated that it can rule you for a long time before you realize what took place.

Experience manipulators have a way of recreating a past discussion to fit their needs.

They are very good at doing anything to cause you pain and suffering and when you raise a fuss about how you feel about it, they’ll reverse the position upside down and have you feeling at fault and end up supporting their evil agendas.

A manipulator is afraid of being exposed and opened.

Manipulators will hardly speak about their wants, ideas, or impressions.

They would rather expose the weakness in other people or victims so they will be able to take the upper hand of them for their own profits and to sidetrack their real purpose.

They have no understanding of love, compassion, empathy, morals, or remorse. To the manipulator, their goal is to take over total control and power in order to suit their needs.

They see that being an open person is a sign of weakness.

For the manipulator, they feel more powerful in hiding their true nature. They can easily have disrespect, hatred, and defiance for a person who is not up to their guidelines.

A manipulator will blame you for their behaviors.

The manipulator will criticize and blame you about what they’ve done, they have not done, what they have said and what they have not said.

If you try to explain to them how they are mistreating you by gas-lighting you and doing a serious flip flop they’ll accuse you of being crazy and selfish.

It is impossible to try to prove anything because they will accuse you of lying when in truth they are the compulsive liars.

With so much gas-lighting going on you will begin to question your own sanity.

Putting all of the blame on you is what the manipulator is all about.

A manipulator is a schemer, a conniver, a rascal, a swindler, a controller, a handler, a slave-driver.

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At this point, I am going to direct you to another one of my favorite You-Tube coaches. Her name is Stephanie Lyn.

She is a relationship and life coach who has a very gentle spirit. She is very easy going.

In this Learn More section the name of the You-Tube Video is;

How to Handle a Manipulative Person by Stephanie Lyn Coaching.

Click on the above link to view the full You-Tube video

Now that I was able to explain what a manipulator is all about I will move on to speak on why you should be tired of the Narcissist manipulations. #narcissist #manipulation

You should be tired of having everything that you say being misrepresented. The reason for this is because they want you to look and feel bad.

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You should be tired of being frightened, alarmed, bullied, appalled, and threatened by their rage, attacks, invasion, assault, fury, and anger.

You should be tired of them saying appalling, nasty, shocking, terrible things and then turning around and pretending, lying, that they did not say those ugly things.

You should be tired of the Narcissist Manipulator using passive-aggressive activities to cause you harm, pain, suffering, and distress.

For Example,

Here are a few examples of passive-aggressive behaviors that are being used by the Narcissist Manipulator,

Doing something on purpose but claiming it was an accident, slamming a door in your face.

Pretending to be absent-minded, losing or misplacing important things, messages, and information.

Withholding very important information. Or forgetting to mention detailed critical information that could make a huge difference to a person’s life.

Purposely forgetting or losing addresses, phone numbers, emails.

Making someone look bad by being late because the manipulator purposely lost car keys. Creating a crisis during a critical moment.

You should be tired of the Narcissist manipulator who refuses to acknowledge your pain and suffering.

Who is very aware of your circumstances but is not interested in supporting or recognizing your troubles.

You should be tired of how they enjoy violating and abusing innocent harmless people who have child-like, sincere, trusting, kind and warm souls.

My next,

Image by LEANDRO AGUILAR from Pixabay

Learn More video is from a really smart Top 1% attorney, and bestselling author, her name is Attorney Rebecca Zung.

I really enjoy watching her You-Tube Channel because she is in the legal arena and you can pick up on some really great tips.

She is very good at sharing her experience with dealing with the Narcissist and other manipulative personalities.

The video is titled Narcissist Manipulation Tactics (Spot and Avoid Manipulators).

Click on the above link to view the You-Tube video in full.

In Summary,

Be on the alert because the Narcissist Manipulator or any other Toxic Abusive personality type will seek out nice, kind, good, and loyal people to abuse.

They will have you questioning your own sanity. They can be very cruel when they are going after what they are wanting, not caring about boundaries or anyone else's pain or suffering.

They will spread lies to make you look bad. They have no interest in your feelings.

They use fear to get you to go along with their evil programs.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

They enjoy causing your confusion. They will use something against you in order to cover up their current evil activities.

They will always pretend that they are being mistreated, violated, and victimized.

They act like they don’t understand. They like to pretend that the cruel things that they are saying and doing are really a joke.

If the absence of the Narcissist Manipulator from your life gives you peace then you did not lose them.

Losing or removing toxic, manipulative, abusive, sociopath, psychopath, antisocial, narcissist people from your life in order to protect the health of your mind, body, spirit, and soul is not a loss or a weakness, it is called Wisdom.

Or it’s called common sense, or it’s called sanity, or it’s called intelligence or it’s called clear thinking.

My final learn more video is highlighting an example of a Narcissist Master Manipulator.

This is a You-Tube video about a Religious Occult that was under the Puppet Master Leadership of the False Prophet Counterfeit Pastor Jim Jones.

The Today Show created this report and the title of this video is Jonestown Mass Suicide: Revisiting The Cult That Ended With The Deaths Of 900.

Click on the above link to view the video in full.

In Closing,

I will persist and stick to my healing and recovery journey and encourage everyone who is in an abusive and toxic relationship or not in an abusive and toxic relationship to be sure that your self-care activities are a must priority every single day of your life.

In order to stay healthy or even to become a thriver, and not just a survivor you have got to do something special or good for yourself every day. Put yourself at the top of your to-do list every day.

And you don’t have to wait to go to church or to a special event to dress up nicely.

Put some time, energy, push, power, and achievement into your appearance.

Dress up and Smell Good for yourself. You are supposed to think that you are important and you should be very important to yourself.

How can you feel bad if you are looking good?

Here are a few ideas that you may be able to do to help to get you started.

Image by bridgesward from Pixabay

Make it a habit to use a face mask once a week everybody.

Focus on looking healthy both inside and outside of the body.

Sing Out Loud

Watch A Funny Movie

Bake or Purchase your favorite dessert

Yesterday I spent 30 minutes on a variety of different types of exercise.

Floor exercise, lifting weights and using a stepper. I ordered a jump rope from Walmart and now I just added jumping rope into my exercise routine.

I am now spending more time making sure that my appearance is in order when I get dressed for the day.

This includes not being lazy about ironing out wrinkles. I have a bad habit of trying to get away with not ironing.


In this video about Why You Should Be Tired Of The Narcissist Manipulation, were you able to understand what the narcissist manipulation is all about?

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Now I want to turn it over to you. Which one of the recommended You-Tube videos are you going to look at? Are you going to watch,

How to Handle a Manipulative Person by Stephanie Lyn?

Or Are You Going To Watch Narcissist Manipulation Tactics (Spot and Avoid Manipulators) by Attorney Rebecca Zung?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

Until next time I send you all a bear hug and pleasant wishes for a fabulous rest of the day.

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