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What Is Stockholm Syndrome?

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

I am doing a review from the Inner Integration You-Tube Channel. The creator of this channel is named Meredith. Meredith Miller is a life coach, author and a speaker. She helps people recover from Narcissist Abuse. The Title of the Video is:

Stockholm Syndrome AKA Trauma Bonding In Narcissistic Abuse.

The link to the video is. Please watch the video to understand this commentary.

Thank You, Meredith, for explaining Stockholm Syndrome this is very important information and is vital to know about.  

It is very disturbing to see people who are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.  I have discovered a Secret Narcissist Occult over ten years ago here in Oxford, North Carolina that are pretending to be working for God, the Bible, Jesus Christ, and God's people but they are working for Satan's Kingdom of darkness and deception.

This discovery has been the most traumatic, shocking, devastating, mind-blowing, hellish experience anyone could have to go through.  This has got to be a bad dream but it's not.     

I tell you Stockholm Syndrome is a vicious cycle.  This whole abusive process is very common here in Oxford, North Carolina because of this Abusive Stalking Secret Narcissist Jim Jones Occult.  There is no way to feel safe knowing that you are living around a Reckless Stalking Narcissist Occult.

Being a Stockholm Syndrome Victim is an awful position to be put in.  The Victims of Stockholm Syndrome feel like the only way to survive is to cooperate with a Toxic & Vicious Narcissist Abuser because the Victim thinks that their life is in danger.  

I have also been reaching out everywhere for help in stopping the abusive stalking and violations that this Stalking Occult represents.  I have not found anyone or any place that will help me to stop the abuse and the violence of this witchcraft Occult that has been in operations for many decades.    

I honestly believe that the Oxford, Police Department and the Oxford, Sherriff Department are experiencing Stockholm Syndrome and this is why this Kill, Steal and Destroy Cluster B Toxic Abusive Occult has been able to get away with their crimes and to be in operation for many decades.  

Being afraid of a Mentally and Emotional Disturbed Narcissist Stalking Occult that people believe will Kill, Steal, and Destroy you is not an excuse for becoming a Narcissist Flying Monkey and abusing and violating people.   

What I hate the most about this Religious Occult is that the Puppet Master Leaders & False Prophet Bishops and Pastor along with their devoted and loyal Flying Monkeys look like they are representing God, Jesus Christ, the Bible, and God's people. Their outer appearances do not match the evil, mean, and cruel inner spirit.


They look like God's sheep all humble, naïve, trusting, innocent, sincere, and sweet.  But the truth and the real deal is the only reason why I am still alive while living in Oxford, North Carolina is because the issue pertaining to my Death is based on my Father in heaven AND God has me on an assignment here in Oxford, North Carolina to sound the alarm to warn the people about the wicked and their wicked sword.

I like how you describe the "rubberband" and how you explain the nice/mean/nice/mean pendulum swings widely or closely, depending on the Narcissist's mood.  

The toxic Narcissist abusers here in Oxford, North Carolina want you to feel wacky, derange, demented, unrealistic.  They are more comfortable around people who act as they act. The up moods and then the down moods, the evil and the kind is extremely exhausting to have to be around.

Anyway, I have finally figured out why I have not been able to find many of God's people here in Oxford, North Carolina that is fired up for God's Kingdom of the light.  The terrible slow suicide of Stockholm Syndrome has caused so many of God's sheep to turn to Satan's Kingdom of darkest, lies, and deception for survival. 

I have lost so many of my past relationships, employment, privacy, finances, livelihood because of evil Kill, Steal and Destroy spirits of the Abusive Toxic personality types and the Abusive Cluster B personality types.  


I wake up every day hoping that this is a bad nightmare Lord, but sadly this is the truth and Stockholm Syndrome has become the new norm for many of God's people here in Oxford, North Carolina, and all over this Nation.


God's spirit must be very sad looking down upon this earth to see how so many of his sheep are now Cluster B personality types the Narcissism, the Sociopath, the Psychopath, the Borderline, the Antisocial and working as wicked Flying Monkeys for Satan.  


Psalm 118:7

The Lord is on my side as my helper; I shall look in triumph on those who hate me.