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What Happens When You Sell Your Soul To The Devil, 2022.

Hi everyone I am Debra. I am on a mission to help victims and to speak out against abusive people who are representing Negative energies from Hell.

And who also in layman’s terms have personality disorders, like the Narcissist, sociopath, and psychopath.

It is very troubling to know that there has been a very large increase in people who are selling their minds, body, spirit, and souls to devils,

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demons, and to creatures from hell.

This is very troubling because most people who are doing this are not aware of what happens to your life when you sell your soul to the devil.

Or in the terms of the layman, when you are in support of or when you are embracing and working for the abusive kill, steal and destroy agenda of the Narcissist, the sociopath, the psychopath, and the devil.

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Point blank when you sell your soul to evil, wicked and abusive spirits you will immediately become the property of Satan and the Kingdom of Hell.

Yes signing a deal with the kill, steal and destroy forces from the pits of hell will open up opportunities for you to get what you desire and it will get you what you are wanting to have. YES.

Many people will trade their souls and their desires to the devil for money, fame, wealth, degrees, titles, and even for a person that they want to have in their life.

I even know of a person who sold their soul to the devil for new furniture.

What is the most devastating sell that can cause terrible problems for God’s people when people will sell their souls to the devil in order to get a big Pulpit title and position?

In most cases, the Evil Creatures will grant you the desires of your heart. But You will become a devoted, dedicated person for the Kingdom of Darkness.

AND You will become wicked, evil, immoral, abusive, criminal-minded, lawless, and vicious.

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You will be given all types of tests by Satan and by the devil and their representatives also known as the fallen angels.

Your tests will be to perform evil acts. You will be ordered to do something that will be against your morals and that would be wrong or criminal. You may be told to murder your pet. Or to murder a family member.

This demonic initiation is done to remove and put a permanent end to your integrity, your righteousness, and your conscience, and especially getting rid of your feelings of mercy, empathy, compassion, understanding, and remorse.

Now that your mind, body, spirit, and soul belong to Satan you will be in love with doing terrible, cruel, wicked, and evil things to people, places, and things.

When you sell your soul to the devil you are also putting your family members in danger of being attacked by your new demonic family unit for narcissist supply.

People don’t realize that whatever you have received from selling your soul to the devil it will be lost in many different ways.

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Many people that have sold their souls to the devil the Narcissist, the Sociopath, and the Psychopath will experience mental, spiritual, and emotional, troubles, and traumas. Many will end up losing their lives to suicide.

Many people who have sold their souls to the devil will have a limited and short life span to stay alive.

Because you belong to Satan you will spend your afterlife in eternal damnation with Satan in the Kingdom of Darkness.

I made a decision to follow Jesus, I made a decision to embrace Almighty, I made a decision to worship Yahweh, I made a decision to praise our God. I made a promise to honor Jehovah, I made a promise to love the Lord.

No turning back, no change of mind, no change of heart, no selling my soul.

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