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What Are The Empathy Levels Of The Narcissist?

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Empathy is being able to have the ability to think and have feelings about the concerns and intimate life of other people.

Narcissism and any other Antisocial Personality disorder is basically a troubling dilemma with very low to no level of empathy towards other people.

When we have empathy, or when we suffer with, relate to, and feel for another person, we not only will imitate their worry, connect with their hardship, understand the agony, and feel their pain, we will be motivated to help them and look out for them in any way possible.

This recommended video was created by Dr. Les Carter from the Surviving Narcissism You-Tube Channel.

Please click on the link below to view this video in full.

Empaths and Narcissists

I also have added a link to a book that Dr. Carter has written

that is titled When Pleasing You Is Killing Me which you can purchase at Amazon, this book is in Paperback or Kindle format.

There are different levels of empathy that each one of us will be on.

Level 1

Is when a person has no empathy and is Hurting, Stalking, Harming, Attacking, Assaulting other people.

Level 2

Has the abilities and is able to cause someone hurt, harm, pain,

suffering, turmoil, distress but may feel some apology, concern, worry for doing it.

Level 3

Has enough empathy to stop themselves from acts of physical attacks.

Level 4

Will do everything that they can to cover-up and hide their true feelings of low to no empathy.

Level 5

Low to average empathy.

Level 6

Slightly higher than average empathy.

Level 7

Very focused on the feelings of others. An almost unstoppable drive to empathize.

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