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Understanding The (Narcissist Abuse) Of The Marxist Society, 2020.

Abusing another human being in order to benefit by taking control of someone's personal life and personal property is just so abusive, destructive, and violent.

The doctrines, teachings of the Communist, Socialist, Marxist lifestyle is all about losing our freedoms and our liberties.

We will not be able to have free speech or freedom of our thoughts.

With the new Communist Marxist society lurking in the background waiting to take down our Capitalist society the business world will be totally different.

There will no longer be private business owners or entrepreneurs.

People, morals, honor, decency, self-respect, quality, grace, family structure, life, love, humanity, traditions, legacy, heritage, will be reduced and devalued down to zero.

The Naked Communist: Exposing Communism and Restoring Freedom (Freedom in America) (Volume 2) Paperback – April 15, 2017

by W. Cleon Skousen (Author), Paul B. Skousen (Introduction), Tim McConnehey (Contributor)

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