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True Happiness Comes From Inside Our Soul!

Hello and Happy Martin Luther King Day to everyone. My name is Debra and I have many serious problems with all types of abusive people, especially those who are possessed by negative energy forces from the pits of hell.

Abusive spirits from hell can have a very negative effect on our ability to feel happiness and bliss which is the highest level of happiness.

For the majority of people on this Earth being and feeling happiness is a primary determination. Happiness is what every human person wants to have in their life, no matter what your age, color, race, income, religion or the location a person lives.

Happiness is all about feelings of delight, joy, peace, bliss, cheer, content, ecstatic, jolly, thrill, sunny and blessed. These are just a few emotions that are similar to feelings of happiness.

If you look all around you will notice that not many people are happy. It’s not hard to tell if a person is happy or not.

One thing for sure is that there is a large population of people on this Earth who have some type of mental illness. And I can say that based on research a huge percentage of mental illnesses has something to do with negative evil, wicked spirits from the pits of hell.

We all can easily believe that feelings of happiness come mainly from external sources or from outside of yourself by trying to find happiness from other people, places or things.

People are lacking happiness in their life because they have a strong focus, attitude, footsteps and behaviors that are based on materialistic goals. Instead of putting their focus on increasing and growing in their spiritual practices and routines.

Happiness from the outside is only good for a temporary short amount of time. It is a quick fix, nothing lasting or permanent.

Real happiness that is going to be lasting, constant, permanent and never-ending must come from within yourself. In order to reach the highest level of happiness which is the spirit of blissfulness this can only be achieved within our soul.

Every person on this planet has a soul which is the God that is within us. But many have sold their souls to the Devil for a happy meal. However the soul within us all that belongs to God, highlights the high state of Blissfulness. Blissfulness is eternal, lasting, never-ending, persistent, and constant.

By adding an assortment of healthy spiritual practice to our daily routines that wonderful spirit of Blissfulness will awaken and arise from deep down in our soul. Over time during our healthy spiritual journey by making steady efforts to continue to make progress blissfulness will grow and become more stable.

The level of blissfulness that is in our life is based on the quality, the amount of time, and the type of spiritual practices we are applying into our day. Consistent spiritual routines will determine the stage of our spiritual development and transformation for endless amounts of real happiness and bliss.

Until next time I leave you wonderful people with a affirmation from the book of

Image created by Timothy Eberly

Psalms Chapter 37 verse 4 to 5,

Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act.

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