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Trauma Bonding Makes You Addicted To Abuse.

Trauma bonding will cause you to become addicted to abuse. It can be extremely toxic on a person’s mind, emotions, spirit, soul, health, life, body and well-being.

The toxic abuser will program or brainwash the victim into thinking that their joy and satisfaction are completely based on how properly they are able to provide delight, enjoyment and comfort to their toxic abusers.

The trauma bond develops when the abuser takes turns between establishing good times and bad times in the relationship and presenting rewards, gifts and honors or penalty, abuse and unhappiness based on the feelings of the toxic abuser.

Hello, Everyone, my name is Debra and I am a self-care promoter and an anti-abuse supporter.

I am also a Narcissist abuse survivor, and thriver.

I have been searching high and low for more than ten years for help because of a Stalking Toxic Religious Occult that I discovered.

There are not many places a person can go to for support, assistance, help, answers when looking for protection from an abusive situation.

There is a strong need for caring, understanding loving people to reach out to assist the victims of abuse.

I would like to add a recommended video by the Common Ego Channel. It is called,


What You Need to Know About the Trauma Bond and Healing.

Please click on the link below in order to view the full video on You-Tube.

I have so many different You-Tube channels that I watch and I have learned from.

They have been very beneficial for me while working on my healing and recovery journey.

This is why I like sharing videos.

I believe that these self-help videos may be able to help you also.

Trauma bonding occurs in toxic and abusive relationships. There will be a huge difference in the level of power. The user has the majority of the power in a trauma bonding relationship.

There will be a very high level of anxiety, fury, tension, depth and energy within this trauma bonding connection.

Image Created by Christopher Ott

The general feelings or mood within the environment will be unstable, unreliable, abnormal and bizarre.

There will be very quick, accelerated, and brisk movements and fluctuation between stages of malice, brutality, and wickedness, then suddenly changing over to affection and kindness.

In a relationship where trauma bonding is present the victim will experience excessive and extremely high levels of dopamine and then a huge drop to low levels of dopamine.

This will cause an attachment that is similar to an addiction.

Being involved in a healthy relationship you will experience an even, reliable, regular, and a constant amount of dopamine. No high and no low, just a nice smooth steady, and even flow of dopamine.

This is where everyone and anyone who is interested in being in a healthy relationship should be involved in.

This type of relationship because it is free from the abusive trauma bonding will benefit your well-being, your mind, your body, your spirit, and your soul.

So what is dopamine? Dopamine is recognized and is popular for being the wonderful feeling chemical, the happy hormone, or a neurotransmitter that the body releases.

Dopamine is what makes us human beings. Very serious and concerning mental health issues can happen to a person who is short on dopamine.

Dopamine will increase, improve, and lift up your emotions, attitude, your spirit, your temperament, your desires, your feelings, and your state of mind.

A person who has a tremendous amounts of dopamine in their brain either temporarily or because of the person’s spirit, soul, mentality, or inner nature can be labeled as a person who is aware, sensitive, thoughtful, sentimental, has feeling, has emotions, has perception.

In Essence

Self-care activities are making sure that your mind, body, spirit, and soul are experiencing an increase, a boost, and growth in order to provide benefits to your life and well being.

Self-care is providing yourself with me-time. Self-care is putting together plans for yourself that will be in place for now and forever.

In Closing

Thank You all for your time. I hope this message adds to your understanding and knowledge and provides you with more light and information that will benefit you.

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6 SIGNS YOU'RE IN THE TRAUMA BOND: What You Need to Know About the Trauma Bond and Healing?

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I leave you now with a personal message,

Trauma bonds are created to be demolished. It is not achievable to honestly care for and love yourself and have a yearning and a desire to want to be with a toxic abuser.

It’s got to be one way or another. When you honestly, sincerely, care for and love yourself the toxic abuser will turn into a disguising, unpleasant, ugly, and awful person to you.

The concept or the feeling about restoring a relationship with him or her is about as appealing as the thought of eating a plate filled with worms.

Until next time I wish you all a day filled with joy and happiness.

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