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Toxic Relationship with the Narcissist will Kill, Steal and Destroy You.

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

You will recognize that you are in a toxic relationship with the Narcissist when things that you are saying or doing is not good enough.

You will realize that you are in a toxic relationship with the Narcissist when they are enjoying you being in pain, having a bad time, hurting, and deteriorating. #narcissist

You will understand that you are in a toxic relationship with the Narcissist when you are feeling harmed, damaged, injured, and wounded.

Hello everyone,

I am Debra and I am an inspired self-care promoter.

My focus is on helping people who are healing and recovering from being involved in toxic relationships.

My platform is all about providing information, support, teaching, comfort, and ideas about being involved in abusive relationships with the Narcissist or any other toxic abusive manipulative personality types. #relationship

I believe in getting out as much information about this topic because it can be a matter of a person's life or a person's death.

I would not want to know that someone is being abused and has nowhere to go for knowledge, support, a hug, an ear, a shoulder, help, or answers.

I became interested in this topic from a discovery over a decade ago of a very mean, cruel, evil and abusive Super Secret, Super High Tech, Jim Jones Religious Stalking Narcissist Occult that has been in operation for well over 40 years.

What was troubling for me the most was finding out that the members and leaders of this Jim Jones Occult are pretending to be followers of Jesus Christ.

There is something obviously wrong because being an abusive Narcissist or a Toxic abusive violator, does not line up with what the Leaders of God’s house of worship should be doing. They should not be out here hurting God’s people.

There is a major sign that this Stalking Occult is very abusive and unhealthy.

It was a total shock when I discovered that I was being stalked, violated, and attacked by a very evil and wicked Narcissist Stalking Occult organization with some of the meanest flying monkeys you could ever imagine.

Many of these mean and hateful abusive flying monkeys were previous family members, people from previous relationships and too many flying monkeys are people claiming to be followers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

During my years of research, I have come to realize that severe mental and physical pain and trauma during childhood can lead to some very devastating mental, emotional, medical, and spiritual problems and injuries down the road and into adulthood.

While looking at the history of the Super Secret, Super High Tech, Jim Jones Religious Stalking Narcissist Occult Puppet Masters, and False Prophet Counterfeit Bishops and Pastors here in Oxford, North Carolina I honestly believe some type of very damaging childhood trauma happened to them.

A bad mind and brain injury can be due to a series of falls from a bed and or falls to the head from anywhere.

Mind and or brain injuries could be just plain and simple childhood emotional, mental, spiritual abuse at the hands of anybody and everybody who lived or visited the home.

At this point, I would like to share a Learn More video from Pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris.

It is titled How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime.

This video is very important and everyone should check it out.

The link below please click on it to see this awakening video.

How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime | Nadine Burke Harris

Besides the Narcissist ugly behaviors, there are also multiple personality issues that are very obvious and apparent.

One day they are Secret Undercover government Stalkers.

The next day they are Bishops, Pastors and Church Leaders.

The next day despite being a black man, they are working as supporters and toxic abusers for the KKK organization.

The next day they are married to a wife who is a Pastor.

The next day they have a make-believe wife that is being punished for not realizing that she is a make-believe wife and she should honor and worship them.

I was constantly creating a list daily where I could search for help.

This search for help has been going on for years.

Not being able to find something that should have been so simple as help, makes this type of abuse very dangerous to the health, safety, and life of a person's world.

I finally found help while doing extensive research on You-Tube.

I found so much information and knowledge that gave me back my strength and my powers.

Now I spend a lot of my time and energy on doing what I can do to help other abuse victims.

What makes it so confusing is looking at an abusive person on the outside does not match what is happening on the inside of their mind, their spirit, and their soul.

You will be fooled every time if you think that judging this abuser by its cover will show you the truth. Nope and this is how so many of us are caught in the ugly trap of the energy-sucking abuser.

Based on what is happening on the inside of their cold hearts, they act and behave like dangerous monsters. But they don't look like dangerous monsters.

A relationship with the Narcissist is abusive and it is designed to Kill a person, Steal from a person, and Destroy a person. #narcissist

The Narcissist will say things to you that are frightening and scary. This is designed to Kill your joy, Steal your peace of mind, and Destroy your security.

The Narcissist will show you complete and total disrespect and rudeness.

This is designed to Kill your comfort, Steal your sanity, and Destroy your happiness.

The Narcissist will make indirect warnings of dangers, vicious comments, in order to scare and manipulate you.

This is designed to Kill your stability, Steal your health, and Destroy your mental health.

The Narcissist will call you names and curse at you.

This is designed to Kill your self-esteem, Steal your dignity, and Destroy your peace of mind.

The Narcissist will put you down and make you feel bad.

This is designed to Kill your strength, Steal your energy, and Destroy your vigor.

The Narcissist will eavesdrop and oversee your emails, text messages, and phone conversations.

This is designed to Kill your freedom, Steal your privacy, and Destroy your self-confidence.

The Narcissist will disregard your ideas, your viewpoints, your judgment, your belief.

This is designed to Kill your toughness, Steal your determination, and Destroy your backbone.

At this point, I would like to share a Learn More video from the Royal We You-Tube Channel.

The creator is Kevin and he is one of the best life coaches on the market.

He specializes in Narcissist Abusive Relationships.

I have learned so much from binge-watching the videos on the Royal We Channel.

I honestly feel so much stronger from learning from Kevin and the Royal We Channel.

This video was published on August 1, 2020, so take out a few minutes to get some additional information about toxic relationships.

The name of the video is 3 Ways Narcissists Hijack Your Decisions In Toxic Relationships, and why you must break free.

There is a link below that you can click on to take you to the video.

3 Ways Narcissists Hijack Your Decisions In Toxic Relationships

In Summary,

When you are involved in a toxic relationship your mind, spirit, emotions, body, and soul become exposed to toxins, and possible exposure can lead to serious damage to your total health from head to toe.

This is not healthy for your life.

Being in toxic relationships you are not allowed to feel great.

You are not permitted to feel appreciated, and validated.

You are not granted permission to have your own heavy-duty feelings. Putting yourself as a priority is out of the question.

You will not be able to trust the toxic person to provide you with support or love. You are not allowed to have your own opinions.

At times we deny how awful something is until it totally wreaks us, or devastate us or tear us apart.

Please understand that the Narcissist, the Toxic Person, the Sociopath, the Psychopath, will poison their life, your life, their children’s life, or anyone’s life that they are involved with.

This is what makes them feel important, special, and powerful.

If you want to restore your health or keep yourself healthy then you have to remove the toxic relationships from your life.

And you have got to work on self-care activities every day in order to remove the toxins from out of your mind, body, spirit, and soul.

In Closing,

Image from Unsplash created by Yuiizaa September

There are three solutions to every bad situation.

Receive it, Modify it, Escape it.

If you are not able to receive a bad situation then modify the bad situation.

If you are not able to modify the bad situation then escape it.

So there you have it, the abuser or the toxic relationship will Kill, Steal, and Destroy you.

Now we have to ask ourselves why do the abusers and toxic relationships want to Kill, Steal, and Destroy people?

The answer is because they are suffering from mental, emotional, and spiritual health issues.

This is what we have to realize about abusers and toxic relationships.

They are not well, they are not healthy, they are not happy, they are not pleasant, they are not delightful, they are not jolly, they are not peaceful, they are not cheerful.

Many survivors, even thrivers that have been abused in a relationship with the pathological Narcissist or the toxic relationships, are not believed. #narcissist

It is very hard for someone to believe that a person could be so cruel, damaging, and dangerous.

This is the reason why the abusive pathological Narcissist can get away with their reckless abuse.

The reason why the truth about the pathological Narcissist sounds so sick and demented because it is mentally ill and deranged.

Believe what the survivors and the thrivers are saying about the pathological abusive Narcissist.

Thank You all for your time today and I hope this message added to your understanding and knowledge and provided you with more light about the abusive and toxic relationships.

Finally, I leave you with a quote from Walt Disney.

All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

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