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These Are The Narcissist Red Flags To (Watch Out) For! 2020

In this video, you are going to learn about the Narcissist red flags while being in a relationship with the Narcissist and any toxic relationships.

Hello Everyone,

I'm Debra the founder of Elevate To Grow which is a support system for healing and recovery from toxic and abusive relationships.

In this video, I will be discussing what are the Narcissist red flags.

It is something that needs to be questioned. It is a warning signal. It is something that provokes an irritated reaction.

It is a sign that there is a danger or a disaster about to happen. It is a sign that a person may be involved with a Cluster B personality type person like the Narcissist, the Sociopath, or the Psychopath.

A red flag is also a sign that you are dealing with a very difficult person. We should be aware of and paying close attention at all times when it comes to red flags.

I also would like to reference a video by one of my You-Tube online mentors from Meredith the creator of the Inner Integration Channels. The name of the video is False Humbleness, Early Red Flags Of Covert Narcissist.

You can click on the link and it will take you to the You-Tube video.

I have been watching the Inner Integration Channel for over a year now. It has been a very motivating channel for me while I continue to work on my self-care, self-love healing journey.

Speaking of self-care, I want to continue to express how vital it is in healing from being involved in any type of abusive relationship to making self-care a priority.

To stay healthy or even to become a survivor, you have got to do something for yourself every day.

It does not matter how small it is but please do something every day to provide yourself with self-care and self-love.

I get inspired and motivated every day to watch Self-Care, Self-Love You-Tube videos from a selection of many different varieties of my favorite channel.

I added a link to a video that I did about doing a Self-Care Challenge for July. Check out the video to see if you may want to do a Self-Care Challenge. Click the link to check out the video.

Ideas For July's Self-Care Challenge

At the very beginning or at the start of a new relationship with the Narcissist or the Toxic abusers you will experience the love bombing and the sexual love bombing stage.

They are crazy about you. They are pouring out all types of passion and kindness. They are saying all the right things and treating you like a queen or a king. This relationship is moving along really fast.

This is when they will do everything in their power to get you hooked on them. Sadly this is only temporary.

Just as soon as you start to show the Narcissist or the Toxic Abusers your green lights, that you are on board and in support of their love-bombing you better watch out because, without any warning, there is an about-face.

Now you are being treated real ugly.

They are insulting you, being rude to you, making hateful comments to you, showing you loads of disrespect, and basically, they are hurting your feelings and abusing you.

They have no respect for your boundaries; they will do whatever is needed to get their way.

A major sign of the Narcissist red flags is when they will bring to your attention to all types of problems they are having with you.

They will begin to blame and disapprove of you for any little thing. They will call you desperate after neglecting you for days. #narcissist

A major sign of the Narcissist red flags is when your energy is being drained because they must have all of your devotion, your time, and your honor both negative and positive attention.

A major sign of the Narcissist red flags is when they suddenly out of the clear blue sky will become unconcerned, and uninvolved in you.

Lies on top of lies are being told small lies, big lies, made up lies.

You are expected to shower them with love, attention, and affection but all you are now getting in return is insults, humiliations, lies, abuse.

A major sign of the Narcissist red flags is that the more you help them, provide care, coddling, and pampering of their feelings, the more they will insist, request, and require it. #flags

They will never get to a level of receiving enough pampering they will require more pleasure, affluence, and extravagance.

A major sign of the Narcissist red flags is they will force every bit of supply they can get out of you.

What the narcissist supply is providing the narcissist is a constant flow of negative or positive attention, approval, affection. #attention

This supply consists of letting them have their way by:

  • Making you feel afraid.

  • Making you feel shaky.

  • Making you feel troubled

  • Making you feel confused and frightened

  • Making you feel afraid

  • Making you feel attacked.

Additional Narcissist red flags to expect while being involved with a Narcissist,

  • They are not able to handle your opinions or your disapproval.

  • Tend to be extremely childish, babyish, and juvenile.

  • Can be very hateful, cruel, and malicious.

  • Can have fits of explosive rage.

  • If they don't get their way you have to watch out they can be very mean.

  • They don't have any concern for other people's feelings.

  • Will use put-downs, bitterness, digs, and sneering to insult you.

  • Does not have any compassion, sympathy, understanding, or empathy for you.

  • Are not able to have emotions toward the needs of others.

  • They have a weakness for being intolerant, resentful, envious, and jealous of other people.

  • They have an out of control nasty, bitter, and belligerent response to thought and recognition of other people.

  • Tend towards being very abnormal toward the rights and the privacy of others.

  • Stomping and walking over a person's boundaries.

  • Has the ability to cause severe bruising, disturbance, hardship to many other people.

  • Is extremely selfish, stuck on oneself.

  • They have temper tantrums and fall out, fits like kids, don't like not getting their way.

One thing to remember about the Narcissist red flags or the Toxic Abusive person's red flags is they are the perfect example of the Wolf's In Sheep's Clothing. Here are the reasons why this is so. #sheep

They are not the same person behind the closed door in their house as they are in public. In front of the public, they will show a fake personality. #public

They want people to think that they are charming, nice, cordial, friendly, pleasant, likable. When the victims of the Narcissist start to share the truth about the toxic abusive Narcissist, people tend to be appalled and stunned. #pleasant

In summary,

I would like to say that if you are around a Toxic person or a Narcissist it is not a good idea to ignore the red flags because it can cost you later. Stick and Stones may break your bones but the narcissist red flags can do just as much damage. #narcissist

Always trust what your gut is saying to you. It is a good idea to say NO to things you don't like. Say NO to things that are not providing you with growth.

One of the most dangerous Narcissist red flags that should send you planning on your no contact escape plan of action is raging outburst at you or other people.

If they are having out of the clear blue sky hitting the ceiling triggers of anger and rage over minor issues in your mind you should know that this relationship has to come to a drastic end.

This outburst of rage is not hard to recognize. Your first response you will be stunned, startled, upset, and appalled.

Your second response you will be mixed up, puzzled, at a loss, baffled.

And your final response to the most dangerous narcissist red flags will be jittery, uncomfortable, nervous, and shaky.

It's time to realize that you got love-bombed and fell into a narcissist trap so please cut your losses and get out of there quick, fast and in a hurry.

The Narcissist is not able to live without their fuel, their fix, their supply, or their source which is attention. They have no concern or affection for anyone else.

They need people around them that will give them a huge amount of pampering, coddling, and stroking like a baby.

They also need people around that they can inflict hurt, pain, insults, and suffering on. You can believe that the Narcissist has a long trail of victims especially those who happen to have been very close to them.

I leave you with a short message from Evangelist Joseph A. Brown that is titled Peace Can Be Found In The Storm.

This is another one of my mentors that I faithfully watch, learn from, and listen to during my healing and recovery journey from Narcissist abuse.

You can click on the link below and it will take you to the You-Tube video.

In Conclusion,

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Now I want to turn it over to you. Which tip from today’s video are you going to try first? Are you going to watch out for the narcissist red flags? Or are you going to ignore the Narcissist red flags in hopes of seeing good in them? Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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