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There Is Not One Perfect Person On This Earth, 2022.

Hello to all of you fantastic people. My name is Debra and I am an out-spoken person who knows how important it is to speak out against all types of abuse. We live in a world with a massive level of abuse going on against our Father God’s creation of people all over this world.

Every single person on this Earth was developed by our Father God in Heaven.
We are all God’s children and we were not designed or created to be abused, traumatized, tortured, destroyed, or tormented.

This is why we have to start putting on our thinking caps and get out of the deep sleep that is keeping us under the manipulation and control of Demons, Ghosts, Satan, Goblins, Witches, Devils, and Sorcerers.

We are all in desperate need of levels of spiritual reality and spiritual awakening in order to save ourselves from eternal damnation.

Being involved with, exposed to, or experiencing abuse is a major problem that is happening to us all every day. Shooting gas prices up real high has been very abusive to many because it has caused hardship and pain to many people’s finances.

It is important that we are aware that major problems that are working against our life including abuse have their root cause in the demonic spiritual regions of hell.

We are entering into another Sunday and for me, ever since I moved to the state of North Carolina, Sunday is a day of sadness.

First of all, we must realize that there is no perfect person on this earth. There is no person on this earth who has never done anything that was wrong. All of God’s creation of people have fallen short of God’s glory.

However, there are many but not all house of Worship locations that are being used as a cover-up for abuse, extortion, fraud, destruction, violations, scams, hurt harm, and pain against God’s people.

On Sunday or any day that you are going into God’s house of worship Don’t go in there thinking that everybody in there is a servant for the Lord. Not every person is there to praise and worship God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible.

Don’t go into God’s House of Worship thinking that every Religious leader or Pulpit Leader is a servant of God.
This is not true. There are many religious and pulpit leaders all over this earth who are servants of Satan.

Many of God’s House of Worship has been taken over by servants of Satan and are under the control, and manipulations of demonic spirits from hell.

Servants of Satan represent secrets, darkness, deception, betrayal, scams, fraud, extortion, blackmail, abuse, trauma, turmoil, violence, lies, sucker games, and murder.

You must make sure that you are wearing the Full Armor of God so you will be able to stand up against the extortion, and the trickery of the evil one, especially when you are in God’s house of worship.

I leave you with a scripture from the book of Ecclesiastes Chapter 7 verse 20
Surely there is not a righteous man on earth who does good and never sins.

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