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The Smear Campaign Is A Narcissist Favorite Tool.

Hello to everyone,

I wish you all a great day. I hope you are focusing on yourself and working on your self-care activities.

Yesterday I continued my self-care activities by focusing on what I am eating. I know that I should stop eating when I start to feel full. Normally I eat until I am about to burst. I love good tasting food. #focus #food

I got a chance to clean out and organized my home office. Being organized makes everything so much easier to work with.

In this video, I will be discussing the smear campaign which is a favorite Narcissist weapon.

It makes me very ill when I learned about deplorable sad people who will try to demolish a person's reputation by holding a grudge, envy, and backbiting. #sad

This is basically another one of many weapons that are used by the Narcissist, and their Flying Monkeys what is called the smear campaign. #weapon

This vicious verbal attack of rumors and rage is done intentionally in order to tear down a person's life, health, spirit, and soul. #life

A streak of lies and nasty hateful gossip actively being done by the Narcissist, bullies, and manipulators for the main purpose of demolition, and destruction of someone's reputation.

The smear campaign is very evil and powerful and it is used in order to abuse, control, maneuver, and take down a person.

The abusers will use this smear weapon in order to reduce and deplete you of your energy. They are pushing for you to experience anger, irritations, annoyance. #energy

The abusive smear campaigns that the Narcissist and their Flying Monkeys are dishing out is usually done quietly, discreetly, slow, and gradual. #slow

The abusers don't want to be discovered too quickly. They have a desire for their prey to receive their abuse as part of a regular habit. Their goal is for their victims to get used to the feelings of being abused by the smear campaign.

It is important to have a better understanding of the behaviors of the toxic Narcissist and their buddies the Flying Monkeys, the Sociopath, and the Psychopath.

They all fall under the same devious, scheming, and manipulative personality types.

They believe in their thinking that they have the right to treat you poorly and to abuse you. They believe in their thinking that you don't have the right to stand up for yourself.

They believe in their thinking that they have the right to condemn you, gaslight you, smear your reputation, be disrespectful, vulgar, abusive, and insulting towards you. #stand

They believe in their thinking that you don't have a right to talk back to them or to shine the light on their abusive and evil behaviors.

They believe in their thinking that you are a disgusting person for not allowing and going along with their foolishness and their nonsense.

They will never see how frightening and scary their own behaviors are. The misinformation from the smear campaign seems not to be fair. It is another way for the Narcissist to control how other people see you as a person.

Many abusers demand that their prey remain silent about their abusive, and cruel mistreatment of you. #cruel

I would never want anyone to experience being abused. It can cause so much damage to your mind, body, spirit, emotions, and soul.

You have no obligation to provide any support, honor, or devotion to the person or the people who have abused you.

The minute they decided that they were going to abuse you they also gave up the rights of you being devoted and quiet. #devoted

Remember it does not matter what title they hold you have every right to speak up and you should speak up and bring to the light the abusers for what they have done to hurt you.

The best thing to do about the smear campaign is to do more of what it is that makes you happy.

I leave you with this quote, "If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave".

Enjoy the rest of your day. #rest

And don't forget your self-care activities.

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