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The Devastating (Mindset) Of The Narcissist False Prophet.

I was really disappointed learning about the numerous people who are in God’s house of worship as Illuminati False Prophets. Fake Religious leaders pretending to be followers of God and Jesus Christ.

I never would believe that our Nation the United States of America has been under the controls and manipulations of a worldwide Satanic Occult who members and leaders have heavy symptoms of Cluster B antisocial personality disorders.

We are being abused by people who have very serious unresolved and untreated mental sickness. This is a total fact. For the most part this has been negative and abusive behaviors that has been passed down from one generation to the next generation.

I will never stop saying that you must go No Contact from people, places or things, who has treated you poorly, who has abused you, you have no love or concern for you and have shown you this negative behavior constantly and over and over again.

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