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Ten Tips About The Role Of The Flying Monkeys

Hello Everyone,

How is everyone doing with there self-care activities?

Yesterday I got to cook a nice low-calorie dinner. I sauteed some shrimp and made a shrimp Caesar salad. #salad

I also did my daily reading, research, and writing which has always been very comforting for me during my self-care journey.

This video I will be discussing the Narcissist and the Toxic Abusive enablers also known as the Flying Monkeys. #narcissist

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

The concept where the term Flying Monkeys comes from is the Wizard of Oz.

In the Wizard of Oz, the Wicked Witch had Flying Monkeys that would bully, attack, and gang up on innocent people.

The Flying Monkeys are doing the dirty work for the Narcissist or the Toxic Abusers. They are also adding in their abusive spirit in the abusive mix against their prey. #spirit

I will be giving you ten very important tips about the role of the Flying Monkeys.

Tip number one, The Flying Monkeys have no mind of their own.

Tip number two, Recruiting Flying Monkeys is very typical and routine for the Narcissist.

Tip number three, The major role of the Flying Monkeys is to keep the Narcissist hands clean from having their prey abused.

Tip number four, The Flying Monkeys are trained to support and to cover up the true weakness, blemished, disfigurement of their Puppet Masters the Narcissist.

Tip number five, Any person reveals or who shines the light on the true weakness, blemished, disfigurement of their Puppet Masters the Narcissist will be abused by the Flying Monkeys and the Narcissist. #shines

Tip number six, The Flying Monkeys will reassure, strengthen, and violate the victims to defend their Puppet Masters the Narcissist.

Tip number seven, Going no contact from the abusive Narcissist does not stop their Flying Monkeys from abusing you.

Tip number eight, Flying Monkeys are used by the Narcissist as an extension of the delusion, deception, confusion, and hallucinations of having powers over their prey. #confusion

Tip number nine, All of the Flying Monkeys are willing to attack, violate, bully, torment, and abuse the Narcissist prey. #bully

Tip number ten, All of the Flying Monkeys are willing to lie for the Narcissist, will smear the name of the victim, and will stand up strong in support of the abusive behaviors of the Narcissist. #support

What makes this situation so bad when trying to protect yourself from the abuse by the Flying Monkeys is the Narcissist or the Toxic Abusers will get sparked and set off by any little thing under the sun.

This is so bad because the Narcissist will send out their Flying Monkeys to abuse their target because of their out of control nasty, vicious, and childish reactions to things that your average person would never be disturbed about. #target

Keep in mind that birds of a feather stick together. Toxic Narcissists Abusers like to do their hunting on their prey, or against their prey or around their prey in packs.

They also feel more powerful being a member of a pack. One abuser can relate to another abuser. It is easier to hide each other's monstrous, wicked, and heinous behaviors.

As a pack, they feel more powerful when they are standing up, blaming, or discrediting their victims.

Image by kalhh from Pixabay

As a pack, the Narcissist, Puppet Masters, and their Flying Monkeys are able to make the smear campaigns that they have set up against their victims and prey so much more convincing and credible. #campaigns

If you are involved with a person who defends, protects, supports hangs around, speaks highly of Narcissist abusers, and Puppet Masters that person is showing that they identify and are connected with the abusive Narcissist.

You will find that a few Flying Monkeys are not aware of the truth about the Narcissist. The Narcissist was smart enough to recruit Flying Monkeys that they can fool. #smart

But if a Flying Monkey is fully aware of the true abusive spirit of the Narcissist and continues to be a supporter and attacker then they are the Narcissist enabler and a Covert Narcissist which is another word for a Secret undercover Narcissist.

It is always good to learn all about the red flags and ugly negative patterns and characteristics of the toxic abusive narcissist and their flying monkeys. #flying

For me, one of the hardest parts of trying to deal with the abusive narcissists and their abusive flying monkeys is the constant and steady devastating sadness that I feel.

The sadness is not just because of the numerous previous family members and previous personal relationships that have been lost and destroyed because of narcissist abuse. #lost

The sadness is because I was a survivor of narcissist abuse and I would never treat another human being the way the Narcissist and their Flying Monkeys treat their victims.

The pain of being abused by the Narcissist and their Flying Monkeys can bring you to your knees.

I have been treated extremely poorly like I am nothing but trash by a Narcissist Cluster B Stalking Jim Jones Religious Occult here in Oxford, North Carolina.

The sadness is coming from knowing that there are people who are in God's house of worship that are pretending to be representative of God but are really working for the Devil.

The sadness is my life has been exposed to evil and wicked people who have no soul, no love, no empathy, and no compassion for God's people. #empathy

And finally, it's the sadness that being viciously attacked by a gang of stalking abusers is part of my reality of having the unfortunate experiences of toxic Narcissistic abuse.

Doing your self-care activities daily will make a difference between having a good day versus having a great day.

I leave you with this quote, #quote

Every morning you have a new opportunity to become a happier version of yourself.

Young girl and her dog are swept away by a tornado to the magical land of Oz. They embark on a quest to see the Wizard who can help them return home.

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