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Spiritual Practice To Increase Your Spiritual Strength!

Hello to all of you incredible people. I would like to say that I am satisfied that I am in a position to be able to speak in support of all of the abuse victims and abuse survivors.

Finding support for an abuse victim or an abuse survivor does not come easy and this I know first hand. I will be continuing with my discussion about the negative demonic spirits that are causing so much devastation all over this earth.

These negative satanic evil creatures from hell are on assignment here on planet Earth to demolish our society by getting rid of laws, integrity, justice, kindness, respectability, and righteousness all across this Earth.

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The demons, devils, ghosts, sorcerers, witches, necromancer, occultist, warlocks, serpents,

generally will reside in a location that has the same vibration that is similar to where they are originally from and where their roots are located and that is in hell.

This is the main reason why they have no interest in taking over or possessing a person who is steady with their healthy spiritual practices and healthy spiritual routines.

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The perfect target that a demon will look for in order to take over possession of that person’s mind, body, spirit and soul would be someone that has the same or similar negative demonic spirit that they have.

Which means that they can only tolerate being around a person who is living in a bad environment, abusing drugs and or alcohol, making serious mistakes with their life, has a weak, injured mind, has a negative abusive personality, someone who is weak and can collapse under strain or pressure.

Demons are only interested in taking possession of a person who enjoys causing hurt, harm or pain towards other people. Their main purpose is to cause a tremendous amount of destruction against civilization.

We must all put in some time for regular spiritual practice. This spiritual routine will help to shatter and eliminate any negativity that is in your life, in your way, in your mind, in your body, in your spirit or in your soul.

Visit spiritual places that have strong spiritual energies. A great spiritual location will definitely have the Fruits of God Spirit there. Take regular walks in nature. Speaking out loud everyday positive affirmations.

Reading or listening to spiritual books on a regular basis. Practice different types of breathing exercises. Spiritual Chanting or singing the name of your higher power, Spiritual Chanting or singing a hymn, Praying, Meditation, Jogging, Yoga.

These are just a few spiritual practices that I have been doing for most of my life.

Until next time to all of you incredible people from my peaceful spirit to your peaceful spirit, I leave you with one of my affirmations that is a scripture from the book of

Matthew 12:45

Then it goes and brings with it seven other spirits more evil than itself, and they enter and dwell there, and the last state of that person is worse than the first. So also will it be with this evil generation?

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