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Sound The Alarm!

Hello to everyone, my name is Debra,

Today I am making an attempt to create a new video for my website at Elevate To Grow.

We are in desperate need of tools and helpful tips that will help to recover and heal from behaviors, attitudes, and personalities that can be devious, manipulative, scheming and abusive.

I am also on a healing and recovery journey from toxic abusive relationships that have been in my life. This requires me to continue my extensive research, studies, reading and learning into the world of abuse that I share on this website.

It is very important to make sure you are speaking your truth. I do rely heavily on our Father in Heaven as an important part in becoming healthy after abuse. God does not want us to be stuck and wounded from being abused.

For many people a toxic abusive person can be very hard to pinpoint, hard to recognize and hard to spot. But you must be aware that the toxic abusers are satanic spirits.

It can be very hard to face the truth about being abused. It can be hard to believe that abuse has entered into your life. I could not believe that abuse was really happening against me.

While trying to deal with the constant gaslighting, constant lies, constant stalking, constant injuries, constant mistreatment, constant abuse you will have to face the reality about the awful abuse that has happened against your life and I know that it has to be dealt with and addressed.

What I have found to be the most humiliating is knowing that there are people who are aware of the dangers that were happening against a person’s life and decided that they would not provide any type of warnings or alerts of dangers.

In the book of Ezekiel Chapter 33 verse 6 to verse 7 the Bible provides warnings to those who see danger coming but refuse to provide warnings or refuse to say anything about the dangers.

There is nothing good or healthy about a person who will refuse to sound the alarm to alert a person who may be in danger.

Good people until next time from my spirit to your spirit, if you change your thinking then you will provide yourself with an opportunity to change your circumstance.