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Signs A Person's Soul Belong To The Devil, 2022.

Hi everyone I am Debra and it's important that I speak out as often as possible against all types of abuse.

Are you a kindhearted person, who is patient, and have a loving spirit? Is it easy for you to treat other people in a gentle, manner? Do you have a peaceful and joyful spirit? Do you have faith in our father God in Heaven? If you can have self-control in most situations then it will be a total waste of your time trying to have healthy and loving relationships with abusive, toxic, deviant, Cluster B psychotic behaving people.

I have spent most of my life working daily on my spiritual activities. I have also spent most of my life on a healing and recovery journey from abusive, toxic, demonic, evil, vicious, and demented spirits from hell.

What I have learned during my years of healing and recovery from abusive and toxic people how hard it is for people who are in relationships with toxic and abusive people to understand that you can not have a safe, pleasant, and healthy relationship with a person who’s soul belongs to the devil.

What you are doing is putting your own life in danger trying to have a relationship with a person who is in love with doing evil, corrupt, vicious, psychotic, deviant, and immoral things to other people.

When a person's conscience or a person's mind and heart no longer care about treating other people, places, or things in a clear, kind, caring, compassionate, good, peaceful, and moral way this is a definite and sure sign that person’s soul belong to the devil.

Please understand that when a person is treating you in an evil, cruel, abusive way, this toxic behavior is considered to be highly unnatural, very deviant, and bizarre.

When another person is enjoying being abusive, cruel, and toxic to another person this is far from being normal or healthy.

What is healthy for those who are on a healing and recovery journey from abusive, demonic toxic people is to have relationships with people who are kind, loving, patient, good, gentle, caring, empathetic, joyful, supportive, and friendly.

We have to always remind ourselves that we will never be able to have a good or a healthy relationship with a person who is murderous and abusive and who is enjoying their travels on a path to hell to be with their father the Devil.

Many things about tomorrow I don't seem to understand, But I know who holds tomorrow And I know who holds my hand.

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Many Things About Tomorrow, Author: Ira F. Stanphill