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(Shocking) Features Of A Psychopath 2020.

I will be discussing

several shocking features of a psychopath. One thing for sure a wide range of psychopaths are violent and abusive. They are definitely in contact with the truth. And they are clearly aware of what they are doing and who they are.

Based on many years of research and studying I can say that the psychopath is cruel, cold-blooded, uncaring, and heartless. The emotional connective wiring in the brain of the psychopath tends to be very weak to little connections.

This is what keeps them from feeling deep emotions for a person. They don’t feel remorse, regret, liability, or accountability for their reckless action, and behaviors.

Usually, you will find that the psychopath has an absence of compassion, warmth, sympathy, and understanding for a person.

However, they can deliberately and freely turn on and off compassion and empathy in order to entice, captivate, or charm another person for the purpose of manipulation.

Hi everyone

I am Debra, and I am a self-care promoter and an anti-abuse advocate.

I have devoted a huge portion of my time and attention to this area of life because there are not a lot of answers, support, concerned, caring people, and help out here for people who are being abused.

My prayers

are for opening up more avenues of support, and guidance in helping people who are being abused and needing help.

Now having an understanding of why a person is abusing someone is going to help. I will be highlighting the shocking features of a psychopath. This personality type has very little patience for disappointments, resentments, irritations, and failures.

The main foundation, proof, test for knowing if a person has antisocial personality disorders or is a psychopath are from their anger, hostile behaviors, combativeness, and belligerent behaviors. This can be pointed out and determined based on repeated physical abuse, physical attacks, physical violations, and rages.

At this time

I would like to add in a You-Tube video titled

10 Traits of a Psychopath. This video was created by a very popular channel called Psych2Go.

This video was viewed by over 4 million people. The link below will take you to the You-Tube Channel to view this video.

The connection and the layout of the nervous system of the psychopath is different from the nervous system of a non-psychopath person.

The nervous system of the psychopath is what will have them doing intriguing, thrilling, things in order to experience normal impulses. They are also very good at covering up their real wickedness. This is because they want to present themselves as a good-natured person.


are very good at telling a whole lot of lies. But the lies mostly focus on reaching a target, an objective, or for an ambition purpose. The lies are told in order to deceive someone. Or in order to manipulate a person, they are close to. Or to develop a relationship or gain a job promotion.

Psychopaths are very good about being charming which is how they are able to cover-up for their inclinations to having hostile issues with both verbal and physical attacks.

They are the type of person who will display enormous and extreme rage, fury, and violence persistently. They are able to become very mean and nasty.

They will also very easily get into blowups, verbal fights, brawls, and altercations.

Because they are very good at being charming they are also good at tricking, seducing, alluring and enticing people into a sexual encounter with them.

They are not interested in developing a relationship just having a quick thrill. This is mostly to satisfy their ego’s thirst for power, and control.

In Summary,

the Psychopath has problems with feeling shame, having moral sense, having compassion, having empathy, or having a conscience. Their overall behaviors are usually abnormal, weird, bizarre, unpredictable, outlandish, and odd.

They have a weakness or an impulse for criminal behaviors. They have a tendency of leaving hints, information, proof, and evidence about criminal behaviors.

They have a willingness and a weakness for exorbitant, extreme, and excessive levels of risk-taking that can include criminal risk-taking. Their predisposition to violence can be very high.

In closing,

Thank You for your time and your attention. I hope this message has added understanding and knowledge to you. This message can truly help to explain why terrible things are happening to good people all over this world.

My You-Tube Channel is geared towards helping to shine the light on the works of darkness. It is also to provide tips, information, and guidance for healing and recovering from being involved in abusive situations.

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Now I want to turn it over to you.

Were you shocked to hear about the personality trait of the Psychopath? Did you learn something new from this video? Let me know, by leaving me a comment, right now.

I leave you now with a personal message,

Withdrawing and staying away from people who are abusing you, or hurting you, or causing you pain in order to safeguard, and protect your mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical health is not a weakness, it’s called common sense, it’s called good judgment, it’s called sanity.


yourself with daily self-care activities is the same as providing yourself with superpowers. Once you begin to show yourself that you care about yourself magic starts happening. Push yourself to do your self-care daily routines no one else is going to do it for you.

Until next time today is a good day to go after your dreams.

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