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(Shocking) Discovery About Narcissist Supply 2020.

I have been learning, researching, studying, reading, and investigating every detail about the Cluster B personality types along with the toxic abusive personalities.

There are so many unique terminologies that describe the behaviors, attitudes, actions, personality, conduct, of these very abusive characters.

The Narcissist supply is a negative weapon that is very destructive. It provides the Narcissist with nourishment, energy, encouragement, support and fuel in order for them to live and survive.

The Narcissist can not survive without the Narcissist supply.

Hello, Everyone,

my name is Debra and I am a self-care promoter and an anti-abuse supporter. I am also a Narcissist abuse survivor and thriver.

I am also the founder of a website that is called Elevate To Grow. com. This website is designed to provide information and support systems for healing and recovery from toxic and abusive relationships.

There are so many people that are being abused everywhere all because of very serious and severe untreated mental health issues. And there is basically no where to go for help.

The gas, fuel and supply that the Narcissist or the toxic abusers need in order to survive can be either negative or positive, in private or in public, from people or from items.

The gas, fuel, and supply are needed in order for the abusive person to manage and organize their weak, shaky, sensitive, and irrational pride, dignity, self-esteem, and confidence.

The abusive toxic person or the Narcissist will pressure every drop of supply, fuel, or gas out of a person during your daily activities.

For Instance,

when the abusers see that you are in pain and are suffering because of something that they did to you, this is providing the abuser their much needed Narcissist supply.

Another instance is when the toxic abusers are being dishonest, misleading, tricking, and victimizing people with their lies and gaslight doses.

Humiliating, embarrassing, confusing, their victims are another source of gas, fuel, and supply for the toxic abusers.

Destroying your happiness, your joy, your comfort, your life, and your energy is another source of fuel, gas, or supply for the Narcissist.

Using the divide and conquer method, using one person against another person is to provide the Narcissist with gas, fuel, or supply in order to survive.

Causing the victim to be harmed, hurt, injured, damaged, and abused by another person or a flying monkey in order to receive the gas, fuel, supply in order to feel powerful.

Justifying, providing reasons, making things clear, and explaining yourself over and over again are examples of a Narcissist gas,fuel or supply.

Your attempt to understand, notice and realize their insane actions and behaviors are providing the Narcissist with their gas, supply or fuel.

Your tears, your discomfort, your shouts, your hurt, your pain, and suffering is all providing the abusive Narcissist with gas, fuel, and supply that is needed for their survival.

It is very hard for the Narcissist to understand what being a healthy human being is all about.

Starving the Narcissist or the toxic abuser of gas, fuel and supply is the only way to stop this abuse.

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I would like to provide you with a recommended You-tube video by Dr. Les Carter that is titled,

8 Cues Narcissists Watch For As They Seek Narcissistic Supply.

The link for this video is below.

I would like to also introduce Coach Joanna who is an Author from Austria. She has a You-tube video that is titled,

How You 'Supply' The Narcissist

The link for her video is below.

In order to reclaim power, control, and your life away from the Narcissist, shutting off the Narcissist gas, fuel, and supply they are receiving from you is a must.

This would look like having limited to no contact with the abuser.

It would also mean to withdraw, cut-off, disconnect emotional contact.

If words are spoken then keep the conversation very bland, limited and simple.

If necessary communicate by email or text message unless there is an emergency.

In Essence

Start Now by paying close attention to your daily needs. Don’t be bashful about working on your me-time and personal self-care activities daily.

Self-care activities will provide a major boost to your confidence. Self-care is all about how we are nurturing and maintaining ourselves.

Self-Care is how you take back your power and control over your life from the abusive Narcissist and any other toxic abusers.

In closing,

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Now I want to turn it over to you. Did you get a chance to check out the recommended videos titled,

8 Cues Narcissists Watch For As They Seek Narcissistic Supply.

by Dr. Les Carter or How You 'Supply' The Narcissist by Coach Joanna?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

I leave you now with a personal message,

Removing and elimination abusive people from your life does not mean that you are hateful, it means that you care about, love and respect yourself.

Recognize and stay connected with people who are happy for your happiness and sad when you are sad. They are the people who deserve a special place in your life.

Until next time I wish you all a with all of the self-care activities you can stand.

Self- Care Ideas

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