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Satanism Is All About Abuse, 2022

Hello to all of you fantastic people. I wish you all goodwill and safety on another Sunday. Sunday is a very difficult day for me. I learned over the past few years that many of God’s house of worship is not a safe place for God’s people to go to. It can be very dangerous for God’s people to go to God’s house of worship. This is something that I personally have experienced for myself to be true.

Sunday is a day that I experience sadness knowing that so many of God’s people are being fooled and tricked at God’s house of worship.

It hurts my heart while I have been learning and discovering that there are so many people who are supporters, followers, and lovers of Satan, and Lucifer’s kingdom of Hell.

These fallen angels and lovers of Satan, have taken hostage, taken over possession and control of God's house of worship, God’s pulpit, and God’s people.
So many of God’s people are so clueless. Because God’s people are being tricked and scammed into sitting under the pastoral care of Satanism. And Satanism is all about every type of abuse under the sun.

Abuse is causing injury to a person. Abuse is causing physical harm to a person. Abuse is corruption. Abuse is the exploitation of a person for profits. Abuse is vicious verbal attacks. Abuse is vicious mental and emotional attacks.

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One thing about abuse that I do know is that it is not coming from God or from the Heavens above. Abuse represents all of the demonic, satanic, ghost spirits that are coming out of Lucifer's kingdom of Hell.

A person that is claiming to be a child of our Father in Heaven would not be in a loyal, devoted, and committed relationship with the ungodly hatefulness, curses, and powers of secret occult organizations like the Freemasons, the Illuminati which was created by the Freemason, the Bilderberg Group, the Shriners, the Opus Dei just to name a few top-secret occult groups.

There are so many people who are under a demonic curse due to associations, membership, and devotions to these top-secret, ungodly hatefulness, occultic organizations.

If you are going to a church and you are sitting under the pastoral care of a Religious Leader who is a member of the Freemason Illuminati Ungodly Secret Society Occult Organization then you are being secretly led down a path that guarantees you an
ungodly position into eternal damnation better known as hell.

You are being tricked, and you are involved in a very ancient satanic exploitation scam that is being discussed in the Holy Bible. We have to protect ourselves, and we must do our own spiritual practice every day.

This will allow our Father in Heaven to help us, and protect us. We have to read God’s holy scriptures for ourselves. It is not good to rely on a man or a woman to give us their interpretation of God’s holy words unless we know based on the Bible that they really love our Father in Heaven and God’s people.

One thing for sure is God has never been a God of secrets. I leave you remarkable people with a scripture from the book of John Chapter 18 verse 20.
Jesus answered him, I have spoken openly to the world. I have always taught in synagogues and in the temple, where all Jews come together. I have said nothing in secret.

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