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Satan Disguises Himself As An Angel, 2022.

Hello to all of you delightful people.

I am Debra, and I am an anti-abuse advocate. I have been on assignment for many years, to speak out against all types of abuse and to provide information about the dangers of not adding a variety of healthy spiritual practice into your daily routines.

This is especially important to do for your safety and protection from being involved or exposed to abusive situations.

Honestly this whole world is under very severe and extreme demonic attacks that are coming from the pits of hell.

So we all are in danger of being attacked or being taken over and possessed by Demons, devils, witches, sorcerers, mediums and many different evil levels from the kingdom of hell.

There are many people whose mind, behaviors, thinking, attitudes, emotions, and spirit has been put in severe jeopardy.

There are many people whose mind, thinking, behaviors, personalities, attitudes, emotions and spirit has been overtaken, possessed and under either partial or total control of demons, devils, sorcerers, mediums, serpents, wizards, and many other satanic levels from the kingdom of hell.

In a majority of mental, emotional and spiritual illness the root cause was started and created by the magnitude powers from the scope of the evil, negative and satanic spiritual elements.

Many people including the medical profession are not aware that people are experiencing mental, emotional and spiritual illness due to either being attacked or being possessed by any of the numerous levels of negative forces from the Satanic Kingdom of Hell.

This is something that must be put into consideration in order to see improvement and better results from the care and treatment of this devastating reality.

A daily powerful combination of chanting and prayers along with other varieties of spiritual practices in our daily routines will provide us with the supplies that are needed to defeat these mental, emotional, and spiritual illnesses that are affecting the health of the mind, emotions, behaviors, personalities and spirit.

I leave you delightful people with an affirmation that is coming from the book of

2 Corinthians 11:14

And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

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