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Safeguard Your (Mental Health) From Satanic Black Magic, 2020.

The truth is this Nation is a Nation that is under the controls, manipulation and abuse of the Illuminati/Freemason Occult. We are not one Nation under God. This Nation has never been a Nation under God. It has always been a one Nation under Satan.

It is very unfortunate that the school systems all over this Nation are not teaching the truth about this Nation. Everybody has a right to know about the reality and the presence of a very dangerous, deadly criminal secret organization that has been in existence since 1776.

This constant fighting and battles will cause the people to become weak. This weakness would lead to destruction to their government and their religious institution and eventually destruction to the people.

The time has come for us to stop feeling helpless. Despite the facts that the Rothschild Illuminati Freemason Occult are holding an unfair advantage of power and control over our life and this Nation.

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