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Responding To A (You-Tube) Video By Lisa Haven, 11-4-2020

Thank You Lisa Haven, for your devotion in keeping us up to date with the Kill, Steal and Destroy agenda of those who are against humanity.

The billionaires from this Covert Illuminati Government who were not Covert during the time they tried to recruit Jesus Christ, were able to profit from the coronavirus attack, a massive collective income that has reached a total of $10.2 trillion dollars.

It is very important to have someone around at all times for mental health care help. Talking to a therapist or with someone who is a good listener, a good kind hearted person, a person who cares would help to keep mental health problems from reaching an advanced stage that we are seeing now.

Election Coup? Something Suspicious Happening In Wisconsin & Michigan, Dem Votes Magically Appear! You-Tube Video by Lisa Haven

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Fraud: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election Hardcover – August 7, 2018

by Eric Eggers (Author)

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