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Resisting the Abusive Toxic Spirits From Hell, 2022

Help Us Father in Heaven in the name of Jesus. Help Us Father in Heaven in the name of the Lord. Protect Us Father in Heaven in the name of Jesus. Protect Us Father in Heaven in the name of the Lord.

Hi, I am Debra. And based on my many years of devoted and dedicated research and my personal experience of being very familiar with and involved with abusive personalities and spirits, I am a person who knows how important it is to speak out against all types of toxic abuse.

It is also very important to provide support to victims of abuse especially those who are working on their healing and recovery journey from abusive spirits, relationships, and situations.

One amazing benefit to the recovery and healing journey is being able to bounce back and not become damaged or injured when being fooled, tricked, or when running into toxic abusers.

Many toxic abusive spirits are good at fooling people into thinking that they are healthy people. Demonic spirits can temporarily fool people into thinking that they have a kind, loving, caring, compassionate, empathic spirit. But in due time their true inner abusive spirits will come to the light.

We are living in a world today where there has been a huge increase of evil and wicked spirits that are under the control and manipulations of all types of toxic and abusive spirits from hell.

These people with their abusive antisocial personalities and their abusive, hellacious, rageful, vicious, and toxic spirits are capable of recruiting and contaminating people everywhere they go.

The image was created by Nik Shuliahin from Unsplash

Protect yourself, Don’t let these toxic abusive demons, recruit you and take control of your mind, body, spirit, and soul.

The image was created by Preslie Hirsch from Unsplash

Be determined to spread the Fruits of our Father in Heaven’s spirit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. This will allow you to protect yourself from the hostile satanic recruitments and vicious contamination of the abusive toxic anti-social personalities, and the intensive anger disorders of the evil spirits from hell.

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