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Remarkable Help For Victims Of Narcissist Abuse.

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

There is never a time when it is justified or where anyone has a right to abuse a person.

More information is needed to bring teaching and knowledge about what abuse is all about.

There is no guarantee that we can live our life free from being abused.

Abuse victims can be anyone, it can be a parent, a teacher, a friend, a co-worker, a family member, a sister, a brother, a daughter or a son.

It is so much easier for a victim of abuse to be able to receive help from a caring supporter because of the knowledge the supporters have.

Hi everyone, my name is Debra.

I am a self-care promoter and an anti-abuse supporter.

Over the past decade, I have been spending a tremendous amount of my time shining the light on the works of darkness from an evil and wicked discovery.

I have discovered a Kill, Steal and Destroy Narcissist Stalking Jim Jones Religious Occult that has been in operations for many decades.

Image created by Aliyah Jamous

What is very sad about my discovery is finding out the Puppet Masters of this Religious Occult are pretending to be representative of God.

It has been a very horrifying experience watching so many people using God’s house of worship as a cover-up.

Something is terribly wrong with this picture.

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

This is a scripture from Isaiah 5:20.

I will be speaking about how to help people who have been victimized by Narcissist abuse or any type of abuse.

A person who is being abused is usually emotionally, physically, spiritually, and or mentally being violated.

Learning and being able to identify what abuse looks like will allow you to be able to provide help and support for abuse victims.

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Being informed and knowledgeable about the clues, hints, red flags, and warnings, and especially your gut feelings will be the very first step in knowing that a person is in need of help.

Always understand that a person that is being violated, harmed, injured, and experiencing trauma can be a matter of that person’s life or death.

Here are a few signs that a person is being violated and abused by the Narcissist.

Being isolated, the victim is not permitted to have relationships with anyone.

Not being able to clearly give a reason for injuries, cuts, bruising, broken bones, broken teeth.

Being hit, assaulted, pushed, grabbed, shoved, punched, knocked down.

Image created by Adrian Infernus

Receiving warnings and messages of intimation and blackmailing the victim and the people that are close to the victim.

Receiving disturbing, distressing, annoying, tormenting phone calls, text messages, email mails, or personal messages at work, at home, or anywhere.

Receiving warnings and intimidating messages of harm, assault, rage, brutality, bloodshed.

Being mentally, spiritually, and emotionally abused, humiliated, shamed, insulted, snubbed around other people, or behind closed doors.

Feeling afraid and fearful of the abusive person.

Having a hard time keeping appointments, attending work, classes, or business affairs.

At this point, I would like to offer additional information about this topic.

Learn More,

There is a You-Tube Channel that is called Narcissist Abuse Support.

The creator's name is Tracy and she is a very kind, good and caring.

The You-Tube video is titled,

How to Help a friend or family member with Narcissistic abuse?

Please click on the link that will take you to the video.

You can help by reaching out to the abuse victim this is a great way of showing support.

I am repeating myself again, this statement is facts, a person who is being abused is in a life or death situation.

Here are a few suggestions you can use in order to provide suggestions, helping hands, or a shoulder to lean on for the victims.

Show the victim that you are worried, and interested in their well-being. Let them know that you are willing to provide them with assistance or a listening ear.

Offer them information on where they can go for help.

If the victim is injured or has been assaulted, call for medical help or take them to get medical attention.

Also, call for emergency help and contact the Police Department.

If children are involved in the life of the abuse victim discuss with them the dangers on the life of the children with being involved in an abusive situation.

Be helpful to the victim, they may need you to make phone calls for them.

Be kind to them even if you don’t agree with their decision to stay in an abusive situation.

Learn More,

I would like to direct you to another you-tube video that was created by the iHeart Media You-Tube Channel. It is titled,

How to Help an Abused Friend.

This channel is not a channel that is only focused on Healing and Recovery from Narcissist Abuse. I just found this video to be very helpful. The link to the video is below,

In Summary,

I personally know how important it is to be able to have support, or somewhere to go for help.

Especially for those who are not afraid of speaking up.

During my situation as being targeted by a Narcissist Jim Jones Occult, I was not able to locate anywhere that I could go to for help or for support.

I reached out to every place and person I could think of for help for many long years.

I have made numerous phone calls all over the United States of America.

I have spoken to so many people for help.

I filed many reports and visited numerous organizations, churches, attorneys, government, and non-governmental agencies for HELP, for assistance, for answers.

When someone is reaching out for help and support but they are being ignored, purposely being disregarded, payed no attention to, turned a deaf ear to, turn a blind eye on, and the people that they have reached out to for help have their eyes shut to their needs for help then believe that there is something terribly wrong.

For the most part, I received very little help from those that I reached out to for help.

I was brushed off, given the cold shoulder, rejected, avoided.

Image created by TETrebbien

In many cases, the people that I have gone to for help later became abusive flying monkeys.

Having a person reject you is not normal.

Never stop seeking help if you are needing help because of an abusive situation. It took me a while but I was able to find help.

Despite what my abusers think, MY life matters, MY safety matters, MY privacy matters, MY income matters, MY well-being matters, MY mental, physical, and spiritual health matters.

Our Father in Heaven is not the author of abuse.

Abuse is corruption, abuse is a crime, abuse is injuring someone.

Abuse is verbal attacks, abuse is physically hurting, abuse is emotionally hurting.

Abuse is mentally hurting, abuse is injustice, abuse is violating someone.

Abuse is impairment, abuse is damaging.

I can not stress how important it is to reach out to those that need help, knowledge, or assistance from being exposed to an toxic abuser.

It is very important to me to share my struggles, understanding, knowledge, and wisdom about problems and concerns that many abuse survivors will face.

In closing,

I really hope that you were able to learn something new or even you were able to add to your knowledge about this topic, if so then make sure you subscribe to my You-Tube channel right now.

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Now I want to turn it over to you.

Which one of the two recommended videos will you be watching?

How to Help an Abused Friend by the iHeart Media You-Tube Channel.

or How to Help a friend or family member with narcissistic abuse By Tracie Malone?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

I leave you now with a personal message,

Image created by Engin Akyurt

I will continue to be a supporter and a spokesperson for other abuse victims.

I have never been or will I ever be quiet or shy about the terrible and devastating things that have happened to me because of toxic stalking narcissist abusers.

I strongly believe that thrivers and survivors are the better godsend blessings for other victims, thrivers and survivors.

I say this because we know what we hope for and wish that other people would have said and done for us.

Until next time I wish you all a very good day.

Shocked To See What The Covert Narcissist Will Do To You.

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by Tracy A. Malone(Author) Format: Kindle Edition

How could you have known? When victims of narcissistic abuse are faced with the biggest challenge of their lives – divorcing a narcissist – they always reach a point of self-blame, wondering, “how could I have not known; how could I have missed the red flags and written off such bad behavior for all this time?”

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