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Recognizing Evil Spirits From Hell, 2022.

Hello to all of you delightful people. My name is Debra and I am a person who is against all types of evil and abuse. This is because I have seen how awful and dangerous abuse can be against the life, health, and well-being of God’s people. I also have experience of being abused by many different evil spirits from Hell.

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Living with, and being around evil and abuse can be very dangerous to your health, your safety, and your life.

A person who is abusive, and toxic is a person who represents evil and wicked spirits from hell. And in the majority of cases, evil and abusive people have been taken under the powers, influence, and possession of demons, ghosts, and all types of negative evil spirits from hell.

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If you are involved in a relationship that is abusive, evil, and toxic then you are in a relationship that supports, lies, manipulation, utter confusion, control, frustration, lawlessness, and evil.

A large majority of people are not able to face the reality that they are involved in deep, long-term, relationships with evil, wicked, demonic spirits from hell.

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So many people are living in a dangerous and abusive environment because they have not been able to explain, in detail the truth about the abuse that they are living with.

So many people are stuck in relationships with toxic, dangerous, and abusive spirits from hell.

This is mainly due to being too filled with shame to recognize the red flags that are raging loud and clear that you are being abused by your own blood and non-blood family member.

This feeling of shame will keep an abuse victim from shining the light, from revealing and spelling out the details about the rude, vulgar, unkind, insulting, and wicked actions of their abusers.

Abuse victims end up suffering a lifetime because they have been trained early in their life to be quiet and to sweep abuse, evil and cruel treatment under the rug.

Most Abuse victims never have the opportunity to express how brutal, how vicious, how painful, how hateful, how vulgar, and how sadistic their situation has been in their life.

Because there is nowhere to go for help most abuse victims have to go along with the abusive agenda.

Because there is no reason or explanation for why you are being abused you just learn how to swallow the bitterness of abuse, stay silent and never stop sweeping evil and abuse under the carpet.

The problem with the never-ending cycle of abuse is when there is no person providing guidance and teaching about what wicked, evil, and abusive spirits represent.

Abuse is a very serious problem because no teachings or lessons are being provided, no answers are being provided, and no explanations are being provided about evil demonic monsters from hell.

Does anyone know who is providing safety, guidance, and protection to the children that are under the manipulation and control of evil, abusive and cruel evil monsters, and demonic spirits from hell?

You would think that God’s house of worship would be the main place a person can go to for help from being abused. But this is far from the truth. Especially if God’s house of worship has been taken under the control and powerful influence of Secret Society Occult organizations that were created by Lucifer and his fallen angels better known as flying monkeys.

It is well past the time that we stop being victimized by evil psychopath demons and start to learn how to identify and recognize, the personality, the character, the spirit, mindset, conversations, nature, and mentality of evil, demonic psychopaths from the center of of the pits of hell.

God’s people have to learn how to check out a person to see if they have the personality and nature of an evil demonic psychopath.

This judgment must definitely be done to include the mother, wife, girlfriend, father, husband, boyfriend, children, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, in-laws

, co-workers, clergyperson, teachers, counselors, and doctors.

An evil abusive demonic psychopath judgment call must be done to any person that you are having a relationship with. You must start looking to see if you are involved in a relationship with an evil abusive demonic psychopath.

If so then defense, safety and protection are needed to be put in place around evil, wicked, demonic, and abusive people. Spreading Love, Hugs, Kisses, and Sex to an evil demonic psychopath spirit is not going to turn an evil demonic psychopath into an empathetic person who will embrace and represent the Fruits of God’s spirit in their life.

I leave you delightful people with a scripture from the book of 1 John Chapter 4 verse 8

Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.

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