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Reaching A Level Of Bliss

Hello to all of you outstanding people. I appreciate you for spending your time listening to what is on my spirit today.

I will be talking about one of the many wonderful, healthy and positive benefits a person's life can have by adding in daily spiritual practices and spiritual routines.

Based on my own personal experience with dealing with people, places and things that happen to be very abusive, demonic and destructive, I became an anti-abuse adviser. I am on a mission to provide as much positive spiritual support, guidance and help in order for God’s people to make healthy progress away from an abusive situation.

There are endless amounts of spiritual benefits that can bring so much healing, recovery, and joy into a person’s life. One very serious benefit of putting spiritual practices in your life is to safeguard yourself from demonic possession and demonic attacks.

It is important for us to realize that demons, witches, mediums, sorcerers, devils are in full force working on taking over possession of a person who has the same style and vibrations that they have.

Negative demonic creatures from hell do not like to be in an spiritually healthy environment. This is because they do not have similar vibrations or designs of a person who is on a healthy daily spiritual routine.

A spiritually healthy person can be attacked by demons but is very unlikely to be possessed by demons.

This is happening so that the people being possessed will give them a body they can use to provide assistance for the negative forces to reach their determined goals of causing hurt, suffering, pain, devastation, and damage to our society.

Demons from Hell also have always been determined to eliminate justice, honor, and righteousness.

Another very wonderful benefit of spiritual practices and routines are being able to experience the spirit of Bliss. Feeling the joys of bliss is all about feelings of delight, happiness, paradise, and enthusiasm.

Over time while doing your spiritual routines step by step and bit by bit the darkness, or gloom will be reduced. Bliss will slowly start to radiate into your soul. You will have the awareness, and understanding of what Bliss feels like.

As you continue to make progress and grow

during your spiritual practices you will no longer be locked into spiritual darkness. You will be able to reach that spirit of Bliss that is located deep down into your soul.

Thank you outstanding people for your time today. It may be hard to face the reality of the demonic and satanic condition of our society.

But we have got to do better about protecting ourselves from the hellish creatures from hell who are doing a good job on their mission to kill, steal and destroy justice, life and righteousness.

I leave you with an affirmation that is a scripture from the book of

Matthew chapter 8 verse 16.

That evening they brought to him many who were oppressed by demons, and he cast out the demon spirits with a word and healed all who were sick.

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