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Put To Rest Relationships That Has Been Slaughtered To Death, 2022.

Hello everyone, my name is Debra. I am a person who knows how important it is to speak out against abusive killers. I am also very aware that there are so many people who are stuck in abusive toxic relationships.

I have experienced being stuck in abusive situations myself. I have spent many years researching, studying, and praying against the abuse that was happening in my life.

For many including myself, it was hard not wanting to face the truth that there is nothing you can do to restore a relationship that has been killed and destroyed due to mad and angry abusive people.

It is important for me to do all that I can do to help someone who may be stuck in an abusive relationship to permanently get away from the abusive killers.

In many cases, demonic negative spirits from hell are involved in the destruction of a person’s damaged life.

People are having negative abusive experiences in their life due to attacks by negative evil energies or by the partial or total possession of numerous different negative demonic creatures from hell.

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All of God’s people should be living their life on this earth free from attacks, and abuse. But this statement is far from the truth.

What is very sad is knowing that so many people who are being violated and abused will become stuck not able to get away from a dead relationship that has been permanently killed and butchered to death.

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If you have experienced having your mind, body, spirit, and soul slaughtered, killed, destroyed, or butchered, due to the extremely high levels of toxic, violent, cruel, and inhumane behaviors from an abuser the life of the relationship has been killed and butchered to death and it is permanently dead and will never be able to be restored.

Thank God the life of your body was not assassinated from the abuse, but your relationship has been slaughtered and butchered to death.

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Homicide is a crime that happens against the life of a person. A killer has to feel extreme anger, rage, fury, bitterness, outrage, and resentment in their heart, in order to be able to kill a person’s body or even to be able to kill a person’s relationship.

The permanent condition of the lifeless body that has been assassinated has to be put to rest. This also applies to the permanent condition of the lifeless relationships that have been assassinated by a person whose heart was filled with fury, rage, and anger.

A relationship that has been assassinated, and killed has to be put to rest.

You will never be able to restore the life of a dead body or a dead relationship that has been murdered.

We also have to face the truth that the enabler, the helper, the assistant, the flying monkey, the promoter, the fallen angels, and the backers of a person who is evil, wicked, cruel, and abusive is showing support and encouragement for the abusive activities and negative behaviors.

Any relationships you may have had with the supporter of the abusive killers have also been assassinated and have to be put to rest. They are just as guilty of killing and abusing you as the abusive killers.

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I leave you with a scripture that will let you know that our Father in Heaven will help to lift you out and away from abusive spirits from hell.

It is from the book of Isaiah Chapter 41 verse 10

Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

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