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Protect Your (Mental Health) During Narcissist Abuse, 2020.

Having good and healthy mental health is a condition that is to benefit our well-being.

Having good Mental health will have your daily life, your mental, emotional, spiritual,

and physical health, and your relationships in great shape.

The safety and protection of our mental health should never be an option that someone would be allowed to damage, abuse, or injure.

The best way to protect your mental health during Narcissist Abuse is by doing activities

every day that is going to help us maintain mental health, along with our spiritual, emotional, and physical health.

But we must go no contact with numerous family members and personal relationships who have been recruited by Satan’s kingdom of evil and are now Flying Monkeys in order to protect our mental health.

Bonus exercises to recover from the trauma Paperback – April 23, 2019


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