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Protect Your Heart For From It Flow The Springs Of Life.

Happy New Year to you all, I am Debra and I am a person who has to speak out against all types of abuse. I am also a promoter for healing and recovery from being exposed, injured, damaged and hurt from being involved in abusive relationships.

What I do know for a fact, is our Father God did not design us to be placed on this earth to be abused by his enemies. Who are God’s enemies? They are called Satan, demons, devils, witches, goblins, sorcerers, mediums, serpents, and wizards just to know a few of God’s enemies.

The fruits of God’s spirit are all about love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self control.

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What I hate seeing is how the negative forces from Hell will attack or even take possession of a person’s mind, body, spirit and soul, especially attacking someone who has a weak or frail mind.

Spiritual routines & practices must be put in place daily in order to shut down the kill, steal and destroy agenda coming from the center of the pits of Hell.

There are many different ways that can help in the healing, and recovery process from being involved in abusive and toxic relationships. It is best to continue to find what type of spiritual routine you can put in place and which one works the best for you.

Working on your spiritual health every day of your life will give you a much better quality of life. Meditation is a very beneficial spiritual practice that is similar to praying. When you are praying you are having a conversation with our Father in Heaven. When you are meditating you are having a conversation with yourself.

Meditation gives you the time to reflect, to reason, to understand, to scrutinize, to think, to soul search with yourself.

In the beginning of your journey with meditation you may experience mindless thoughts, negative chatter, and constant babble that can be very annoying. This happens to a person who has experienced being in an abusive relationship.

But with steady focus, your time at meditation can provide so much comfort, growth and healing to your mind, body, spirit and soul. Over time the negative chatter will stop. To start with meditation all that is required is sitting in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and start with listening to your breathing.

Then you can start to converse with yourself about what you feel that is in your life that needs your attention. Have a discussion with yourself about anything and everything that will bring improvement to your life.

You can start off with meditation as little as 5 minutes and you can increase your meditation time as you feel the desire to put in the time needed. When you have finished with your meditation time you will experience a much deeper, more intense self appreciation, enlightenment, and self alertness.

After your meditation time you will feel bright, clear, fresh, relaxed, revived. You will know when you are in need to have a meditation session with yourself.

Because It’s all based on paying attention to what you need. If you need to get into a quiet corner to close your eyes, and have a peaceful, gentle conversation with yourself to calm down your anxiety then that is your clue that it would be a good time to put in some meditation time.

Until next time to all of you delightful people from my calm spirit to your calm spirit I leave you with a scripture that I go to every day for my daily affirmations. It is from the book of Matthew Chapter 17 verse 18

And Jesus rebuked the demon, and it came out of him, and the boy was healed instantly.

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