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Only Healthy Spiritual Practices Can Cure Cluster B Personalities.

Hi to all of you gracious people, thank you for spending your time listening to what is on my heart today.

I will be discussing how healthy spiritual practices can heal someone who has Cluster B personalities or any other toxic personalities.

My name is Debra and I am a person who has found that based on what I have witnessed over my life and based on my own personal experience with abusive, toxic and demonic people, places, and things, how important it is to reach out to those who are needing understanding, support, wisdom from being involved in an abusive situation.

The information that I discuss is based on realistic research, rational investigations, biblical questions and answers, practical studying, and spiritual discernment that I have been doing for most of my life.

This interest in the world of abuse started when I was a teenager. It has helped me to understand the reasons, causes, and to get a clear understanding about the world of abuse that was happening against my life and many other people’s lives.

I am devoted now to provide as much positive spiritual support, guidance and help in order for others to make healthy progress and guidance into a life that our Father in Heaven has designed for his people.

Based on the Book of Jeremiah 29:11 it states that

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

This statement from our Father in Heaven does not mean that we are to be living or stuck in an abusive environment or situation.

And it definitely does not mean that our mind, body, spirit and soul is to be consumed, overtaken, and possessed by Demons, Devils, Witches, Mediums, Sorcerers, Serpents and Satan.

In today’s society when someone is experiencing problems, sickness or illness with the health of their mind, emotions, or body only Medical and Psychological causes are looked at for a solution.

It is a terrible mistake not looking at or to overlook the spiritual components that can be causing a person to have minor or even major health problems.

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If a person is having health problems that are coming from and rooted from the magnitude of spiritual elements, then that person will need spiritual treatments, or spiritual solutions in order to get healed, to get better, or to recover from that sickness, or health problem.

A spiritual solution is the only way to overcome a spiritual attack or a spiritual possession that is causing a decline, or a breakdown of a person’s mind, body, spirit and soul.

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This is the main reason why you will hear the majority of doctors state that there is no cure for a person who has Cluster B personality disorders. This medical report is coming from a medical and a psychological level. And this is a very true medical conclusion.

However there is a cure for the abusive Cluster B personalities and other toxic personalities but it is only on a spiritual level.

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Based on the Good Book it states in numerous different scriptures that God can heal anything and everything.

It also states how healing and recovery is possible for any ailment. This treatment and cure is coming from the spiritual realm and not from the medical or psychological doctors.

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Currently there has been a tremendous increase in our world population of people who are sick, ill, hurting, in pain, suicidal, homicidal, being attacked, and or possessed by negative demonic satanic forces from hell.

This is mostly because there is an enormous decrease in the levels of healthy spiritual practice and spiritual routines being done by humanity.

People are just not interested in spending daily time doing healthy spiritual practices and routines to protect their life from negative force from the pits of Hell.

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Thank you for your time today in listening to my concerns about the enormous worldwide spread of the evil demonic and satanic condition of our society. I leave you graceful people with a affirmation which is a scripture from,

Matthew Chapter 10 verse 1

And he called to him his twelve disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal every disease and every affliction.

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