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Narcissist Video Watch Spree {Benefits} 2020.

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

In this video, you are going to learn the many different benefits of going on a watching Narcissist Abuse video spree.

The number one main reason for going on a video watching spree is the amazing knowledge and information you will receive learning all about this very unique abusive personality type.

Going on a Narcissist Video Watching Spree is like music to the ears and reality to the eyes.

It can be so refreshing to finally hear about the true reality of being in a relationship with the toxic abusers.


Hello everyone, my name is Debra.

I am a self-care promoter and an anti-abuse supporter. I keep no secrets about being a narcissist abuse thriver.

I have learned over the past decade detailed information about the abusive Narcissists, Sociopaths, Psychopaths, and other toxic personality behaviors and types of abusers.

We all are born into a world that is filled with the abusive Cluster B personality types everywhere.

AND, there is nowhere to go to escape this epidemic of toxic abusive personalities. You just learn to do the best that you can to live on this earth with toxic abusive personalities.

I discovered a phony Christian Religious Gang Stalking Narcissist Organization that was secretly really working for Satan and the Kingdom of Darkness, Despair, Doom, and Gloom. This False Prophet secret Occult had me as a target for their Narcissist supply.

I have been in deep research, studies, reading, investigations, learning, and praying for about 12 years into the what, who, where, why, and how questions and answers that are pertaining to this False Prophet Religious Stalking Jim Jones Narcissist Occult.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

God’s people need to know that based on the good book of Ephesians 5:11 Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness but instead expose them.

And this is what I have been doing. I am sounding the alarm to warn the people about the sword that is being used to try to take out God’s people.


Now I will go over the many great benefits of going on a Narcissist video watching spree.

I was very happy when I discover on You-Tube all of the many people who are thrivers, Doctors, Lawyers, Life Coaches, Advocates, Psychologist, Mental Health Counselors, Religious Leaders, Loving kind-hearted people

who are using their You-Tube Channels to help, support, assist and teach people about the many toxic abusive personalities and behaviors and how to deal with toxic abusive situations.

Image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay


This is a very important alert.

Sometimes we have a tendency to blindly believe in and trust those who hold titles. positions and labels.

You have to be on alert to running into horrible Doctors, Lawyers, Life Coaches, Advocates.

Terrible Psychologists, Mental Health Counselors, Religious Leaders, or any person that is supposed to be in a caring and helping position.

They are capable of causing so much unnecessary harm and damage to an already damaged and confused spirit and soul.

They are also capable of keeping you from getting better and can easily make your headaches, and bad situations much worse.


At this point, I would like to share a YouTube video titled,

Why Abuse Victims Binge-Watch Narcissism You-tube Videos -10 Reasons.

This video was created by life coach Michele Lee.

Michele has a very nice personality and she is a good teacher.

I have spent many hours watching her videos.

I am grateful for this You-Tube Channel that is focused on helping, healing, and recovery for the abused victims, survivors, and thrivers.

There is a link below that you can click on that will take you to view this video.

Why Abuse Victims Binge-Watch Narcissism You-tube Videos -10 Reasons.


I searched high and low for years for help, assistance, and support.

I finally found the Narcissist Abuse You-Tube Platform

and I spent as much time as I could watching every video I could find that provided me with answers, help, assistance, understanding, support, comfort that I could not find anywhere else.

Being abused by the Narcissist, the Sociopath, the Psychopath or any other manipulative toxic abusive personalities can make you feel like you're going crazy.

It can make you feel completely destroyed and uncertain.

It can make you feel helpless, hopeless, disrespected.

It can make you feel devastated, unimportant, devalued.

It can make you feel like your heart has been ripped away from you.

It can make you feel broken and alone.

Going on a Narcissist Abuse Video spree is a wonderful self-care activity that will help you to get your powers back.

It will help to enhance and develop your emotional alertness, your judgment, and your discernment.

It helps to restore your courage, your spirit, your determination, your heart, and your nerves.


You-tube Videos about the abusive personalities will give you the education and information about the pain and suffering of being abused.

Many people are not aware of what the Cluster B personality type is all about.

I had no understanding of this disturbing personality type.

I did not know the name of the problems that were attacking me, killing, stealing, and destroying me and my life.

I had no knowledge of mental health disorders that can cause a person to be dangerous, manipulative, hurtful, destructive, and abusive to other people because of narcissistic personality disorders or Cluster B personality disorders.

Providing yourself with information, teaching, and studying all about the terrible experiences of being abused will give you the ability to fix the problem.

You are not able to fix what you don’t know anything about.

The Narcissist Abuse You-Tube Platform will give endless amounts of teaching that will give your confidence a major boost.

This boost is needed to explain and express your opinion about the personality of the Narcissist Abusers.

Educating yourself about the abusive toxic manipulative personality types will help to shine the light on the abuse and keep you from being totally fooled, scammed, exploited, and tricked.

Knowledge, learning, studying, reading will give you the answers to questions about the abuse you are trying to deal with.

Information, reality, education, knowledge is the power to thrivers and survivors of toxic abusive relationships.

You can receive this power by doing a Narcissist Abuse You-Tube watching spree.

It can also be a devastation to the Narcissist, the Sociopath, the Psychopath, or any other manipulative personalities.

The more you learn all about the abusive person the better.

This new information will be the beginning of the start of the healing and recovery journey.

Now you have the missing pieces of the toxic, the abusive Narcissist, Sociopath, Psychopath puzzles.

Now you know all about the reason why you are being abused.


Going on a Narcissist Video Watching Spree will constantly keep you reminded about why you need to stay away from a path of abuse and insanity.

Going on a Narcissist Video Watching Spree is like great music to the ears and relief to the eyes.

It can be so refreshing hearing about the true reality of being in a relationship with the toxic abusers.

Going on a Narcissist Video Watching Spree will support your viewpoints on what the abusers are doing to cause so much pain and suffering.

Going on a Narcissist Video Watching Spree has kept me strong, active, energetic, and healthy.

It can save you from experiencing the pain and suffering of being involved with an abuser.

Watching Videos will help you with staying on the path of sanity, mental health, emotional health, clear-minded stability.

It feels wonderful to watch a video and finally hear about the reality of the abusers even though it can be hard to believe, hard to accept, hard to tolerate, hard to understand that people can be that way.

Watching Videos will help you with staying on the path of sanity, mental health, emotional health, clear-minded stability.

Watching Videos about the toxic abusers will provide you with self-care, self-education, self-love which is needed for healing, and recovery from being involved in an abusive relationship.

You begin to be able to recognize the harmful and unhealthy reality of what a Narcissist, a Sociopath, a Psychopath, an Anti-Social, and a Toxic person can do to cause you turmoil, pain, and suffering.

You will recognize red flags and not ignore the red flags before entering into a relationship with a toxic abusive person.


I found a tremendous amount of support during my Narcissist Video Watching Spree.

You get so much encouragement, answers, strength.

You stop feeling confused, lost, and lonely.

You get understanding, empathy, and compassion.

I can not emphasize the overwhelmingly positive benefits of going on a video watching spree about the Abusive Toxic and Narcissistic personalities.

However, you can not just sit and watch Narcissist Videos.

During your healing and recovery journey from being in abusive relationships,

you have got to work on elevating yourself into being a happy, healthy, and joyful person.


I really hope that you were able to learn something new or even you were able to add to your knowledge about this topic,

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Now I want to turn it over to you.

Did you enjoy the recommended video titled Why Abuse Victims Binge-Watch Narcissism You-tube Videos -10 Reasons by life coach Michele Lee?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

I leave you now with a personal message,

When someone is disrespecting you, does not listen to you, have no remorse or sympathy for you, is controlling you,

does not care about you, is manipulating you, is biting you in your back, does not care about your heart,

is bullying you, have rageful outbursts, is blackmailing you, is arrogant, gives you the silent treatment, tell you constant lies,

is being rude to you, makes you feel worthless, takes away your value is putting you down, hurts you over and over,

this does not represent a caring and loving person, it clearly and strongly represents an abusive spirit who is emotionally and spiritually abusing you.

Don't allow anyone to abuse you, remove yourself permanently from abusive people so you can try to have a successful and healthy life.

Until next time have a fabulous day.

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