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Narcissist's Toxic (Rages) And Eruptions 2020.

Narcissist rage is a description of the Narcissist's unfair and childish reaction to a Narcissist injury.

Or the Narcissist rage could be because of the dishonor of the Narcissist dignity and honor.

What you will notice after seeing a Narcissist explosive rage is they will feel a sense of relief. The rage will develop when they are feeling exposed, or not safe.

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The Narcissist rage is always simmering or sizzling or stewing on the inside of the Narcissist. Suddenly and out of nowhere the Narcissist rage can erupt at a full and very powerful force of stream and fury.

If you are in the path or in the line of this rageful Narcissist eruption it can be extremely horrifying, frightening, alarming and unsettling.

Hello, Everyone,

my name is Debra and I am a self-care promoter and an anti-abuse supporter.

I am also a Narcissist abuse survivor and thriver.

I have been researching, studying, reading, learning and praying daily over the past decade all about detailed information pertaining to the personalities of the abusive Narcissists, Sociopaths, Psychopaths, and other toxic personality behaviors and types of abusers.

Being attacked and abused by toxic people or a person who has some sort of a very serious mental, emotional, and spiritual health problem can cause very dangerous and devastating damage to a person’s life.

I know what I am talking about because of what I have witnessed and based on my own personal experiences.

I say that all types of abuse should be illegal because of the very disturbing destruction it has on their victim’s total life.

During my life long healing and recovery journey I have learned so much about the Narcissist and other Cluster B personality types while viewing Dr. Carter and Laura’s You-Tube Channel.

I would like to share,

with you a video by Dr. Les Carter.

The title of the video is The Cry Behind A Narcissist's Anger. This video was first produced in March of 2019 and it received just under 280 thousand views.

Click on the link below so you will be able to view this eye-opening video.

There are many reasons

that the Narcissist will go into a terrible rage.

The Narcissist rage can be triggered off due to not receiving attention, not being recognized, or not receiving understanding.

The explosive rage ends up being senseless, wrong, illogical and foolish.

This Narcissist rage most of the time can end up being a very long term feeling of spitefulness, vindictiveness, severe dislike, malice, and hostility towards their victim.

The Narcissist will do whatever they can to strike out with a heavy dose of pain and suffering to anyone who they feel has done them wrong.

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The Narcissist rage

can be just like an out of control whirlwind cyclone. Out of nowhere, the rage will flare up causing severe and damaging destruction.

There are two different types of Narcissist rage. The first type is the passive-aggressive rage.

During this type of rage, you will notice that they are acting and feeling angry, irritable, moody, resentful, annoyed, bad-tempered, and offended.

The second type of Narcissist rage is explosive rages.

They will dish outspoken attacks, fits of temper, and eruptions. This level of Narcissist rage can quickly intensify into a physical altercation.

Stay alert

to the horrifying results due to the harmful and damaging developments of the abusive conduct and behaviors of the Raging Narcissist.

You will find that many of the Narcissist personal family relationships are divorced, alienated, broken, separated, or destroyed due to the raging, abusive conduct and behaviors of the raging narcissist.

At this point,

I would like to share with you another one of my favorite You-Tube Channels.

It is called Peace and Harmony.

This You-Tube Channel has provided me with so much vital information that has helped me with my healing and recovery journey.

The video is titled, Covert Narcissistic Rage Explained and it received 15 thousand views.

Please click on the link below to view this video.

There will come a time

where the Narcissist will end up with numerous problems with their personal, social and business relationships.

Because they are constantly abusing and using people they end up with many damaged and shattered relationships.

People will feel violated, belittled, demeaned, bad-mouth, humiliated.

People will feel used, abused, devalued, misled, deceived, and will stop being involved with the abusive rageful Narcissist.

The abusive rageful Narcissist

will end up facing because of the results of their harmful and damaging developments all types of employment, monetary and lawful predicaments.

The abusive rageful Narcissist will have total disregard for the laws. They will display insane madness and reckless foolishness.

When you are in the presence of a Narcissist rage don’t give it any power. Don’t give the rage any feedback. Don’t reply to the rage. Any interactions in response to the rage can

cause it to intensify and possibly lead to physical violence.

If a Narcissist has reached a point of experiencing extreme anger and rage it is usually due to their ego and dignity has been hurt and damaged.

Nothing will provide them with any comfort unless the person who has caused them pain has been disciplined and penalized for their actions.

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The penalty

may involve, raging, yelling, shouting, spiritual abuse, or mental abuse, which can lead to striking out, assault, attacks, or violence.

Based on the circumstances and the type of relationship that you are involved in with the Narcissist they will continue to abuse you, attack you, and torment you.

This is done out of retaliation for hurting their ego, confidence and their dignity and this abusive behavior will continue until they are ready to stop the abuse.

In Essence

Self-care activities are making sure that your mind, body, spirit, and soul are experiencing an increase, a boost, and growth in order to provide benefits to your life and well being.

Self-care is providing yourself with me-time. Self-care is putting together plans for yourself that will be in place for now and forever.

I have noticed over the many years based on what is going on in my life my self care plans will change.

Being involved with the Narcissist or any type of manipulative abusive toxic people can put a terrible toll on your self-care plans. It can prevent you from taking time out of your day for the needed me-time.

The more time you can put in for your self-care activities the more you will be able to see and feel wonderful results due to the

flourishing, shine, growth, enjoyment, progress and success of your life, your world, your health, your mind, your spirit, your soul.

In Closing

Thank You all for your time today and I hope this message added to your understanding and knowledge and provided you with more light about the abusive and toxic relationships.

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Now I want to turn it over to you.

Did you get a chance to check out the recommended videos titled THE CRY BEHIND A NARCISSIST'S ANGER by Dr. Carter or Covert Narcissistic Rage Explained by peace and harmony? Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

I leave you now with a personal message,

Please stop being involved with people who continue to hurt you. You don’t ever have to permit or allow people to continue to disrespect you or treat you rotten.

Escape away from people who are gaslighting the life out of your mind and emotions.

The Narcissist gaslighting weapon is designed to kill, steal and destroy your mental, emotional, spiritual health and well-being.

There comes a time in your life where you have got to be finished. Not angry, not hysterical, not sick, not confused, not agitated, not shocked, not rattled, you have got to get to a point where you are just finished. You are just over it and just done with it.

Until next time

I wish you all a day filled with all of the self-care activities that you can manage.

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