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Narcissist Abuse Can Cause Major Depressive (Episodes), 2020.

Major Depressive Episodes.

Are you depressed most of the day?

Have you lost pleasure in all or almost all activities most of the day nearly every day?

Has your appetite increased or decreased tremendously every day?

Have you experienced insomnia almost every day?

Do you experience fatigue or loss of energy nearly every day?

Have you ever felt worthless?

Do you feel excessive or inappropriate guilt?

Are you having a hard time thinking and concentrating?

Do you have thoughts of death?

These are all symptoms of Major Depressive Episodes.

What Is Narcissist Abuse

Narcissist Abuse is gaslighting you.

It is blackmailing you emotionally.

It is persistent lying to achieve Narcissist goals.

It is withholding important information and disrespecting you.

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It is an invasion of your privacy, medical information, stalking.

It is all types of hostile violence.

It is slander, word curses, the smear campaign.

It is financial abuse, causing job loss, blocking job promotions, stealing, blackmail.

It is child endangerment.

It is sabotaging you by causing destruction with your affairs and relationships.

It is verbal abuse.

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Combating Depression: Managing Your Depression Through Self-Care Paperback – September 30, 2020

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