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(Narcissist Abuse) And Mental Illness Is Destroying This Nation, 2021.

Based on the goals of the Illuminati Freemason Satanic Occult they are hard at work on building a One World Government, New World Satanic Order.

They are hard at work on total destruction of our love, pride and identity as patriots of this country. They are doing a very good job at causing devastating to Christianity. The mind control along with the combination of terror and fear is really cruel.

It is so not fair that we the people have not many options to protect ourselves, to put an end to, to permanently shut down the violence, abuse, corruption, the spying, the stalking, the railroading, the mass unemployment.

It is so not fair that we are being controlled, manipulated, violated, murdered, by people who have untreated Cluster B mental disease and issues with generational trauma.

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