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(Narcissist Abuse) Against We The People Of The World, 2021

It has been shocking during my ten plus years of researching about the Illuminati, Satanic Occult and learning the truth about how this Nation is under a vicious attack by leaders from the Synagogue of Satan and their members, followers, abusers, flying monkeys, flunkies, and butt kissers.

They have a very strong faith, belief, and confidence in worshipping Satan. They want We The People of the World to be stripped of the ability that is needed to defend ourselves against the Rothschild, the Council of 13 and the Illuminati Freemason New World Order for

Cruelty, Domination and Tyranny.

The sociopath or a psychopath will show total scorn, disrespect for the weakness, rights, requirements, and emergencies of other human people.

Sociopaths have a very tough and severely painful time covering up and concealing their untreated and abusive, dangerous and lethal mental illness disorder.

The psychopaths feel very happy and delighted with themselves and their calculating, scheming, and conning abilities.

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