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(Narcissist Abuse) Against The Black And White Republicans, 2020

The ongoing level of violence, lynching, destruction and abuse that was done against both the Black republicans and the White republican Party was because of lack of empathy and compassion for humanity.

Image Created By Tim Marshall from Unsplash

From the creation of the Democratic Party they believed that Black people had no rights because they were supposed to be their property and not people. This is due to lack of the spirit of empathy. This is also due to unresolved childhood traumas.

It is so important for the safety of people everywhere that we would seek mental health care treatment for negative behavior problems. We have to realize that having a strong desire to kill, steal and destroy someone especially in secret is very dangerous.

For this reason we must stay focused on our self-care, self-help, self-love and self-talk journey in order to keep yourself safe. Always keep yourself safe by staying away from the narcissist abusers.

Unite with the Second American Revolution—A cry for a peaceful and legal American Revolution—to reinstate and renew the magnificence of the United States of America. Our continued survival and presence depends on our future actions.

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