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My Truth Only Response, 2021

I am providing a commentary to a You-Tube Video that was created on 12-27-2021 by Surviving Narcissism. Please click on the link below to view this video before reading my commentary.

Thank You Doctor, for your input. This message was designed for me. This video is helpful for me while working on my healing and recovery journey from Satanic Cluster B abuse. I have to constantly read, learn and listen to inspirational information every day to cancel out the negative and dark energies that have entered into my life from Satanic Cluster B abusers.

This video has provided comfort to my soul, Thank You. Being able to speak your Truth is a very helpful concept. Surviving Narcissism has been a huge challenge that I have had to face every day for the past many years since moving to Oxford, North Carolina.

It will always be a mystery to me as to why so many people are too afraid, too scared, too frightened to do anything to protect their life, privacy, safety and health from the devastating dangers of the abusive and Satanic spirit of the Cluster B attackers.

Granted, the Satanic Spirit of the Cluster B abusers have been able to do all sorts of killing, stealing and destroying of God’ people all over this World.

I was really blown away when I ran across several different Satanic Cluster B Doctors here in many surrounding communities of North Carolina. They have done some really abusive things against me and my late parents.

What was also very hurtful to me was running into Satanic Cluster B Church Leaders and Satanic Cluster B Church Folks who are abusing God’s people right in God’s house of worship.

That just proves how evil, wicked, malicious and disrespectful Satanic Cluster B people can be.

We have to acknowledge that many people are too faint-hearted to do anything about Satanic Cluster B spirits that are honestly killing, stealing and destroying a person’s mind, body spirit and soul.

We are in desperate need of trying to figure out how we are going to be able to speak our Truth without ending up being railroaded off to prison, a casualty or even a fatality?

It is so terrible what is happening to God’s people all over this Earth.