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Make An Attachment To The Teachings Of Spiritual Practices Not The Teachers, 2022.

Hello to all of you fascinating people. My name is Debra and I am a person who is on a healing and recovery journey from being involved in toxic & abusive relationships. Reaching out to help other victims and survivors of abuse is one of many of my spiritual practices.

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Many demonic attacks and or demonic takeover and possession of our mind, body, spirit, and soul can happen to us by our own former late family members. This can happen because their afterlife ended up in hell.

We can help our family demons to move into a better position in their afterlife, by doing very plain and easy spiritual practices. This would give them more strength, energy, and a push into a higher level and a less painful and stressful afterlife position.

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When we are under demonic attacks and our thinking, our behaviors, our conduct, our feelings, our personality, our body have been taken over and possessed by demonic power sources the only way to stop the demonic attacks and to remove the demonic takeover and possession is with steady and intense spiritual practice.

All types of personality disorders can cause severe pain, upset, unhappiness, agony, distress, torment, sorrow, torture, grief, misery, to both the person with the personality disorders and to the people that are involved with that person.

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The only way to reverse this pain and suffering from severe mental, emotional,
physical, spiritual pain, and agony is by putting into place some very strong, steady, efforts and intense spiritual practice.

When putting in steady and ongoing energy, and work into your spiritual practice you will be able to achieve unlimited, total, and infinite happiness and bliss. Over time your spiritual practice will increase, grow, and flourish into a personality that features humility, respect, heavenly, and angelic spirits.

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There are two types of spiritual practices that we must be working on. One is the individual spiritual practice the other is the shared, combined, and united together spiritual practice.

During our spiritual journey, it is important that we are hearing, paying attention, and listening to a person who has the ability and the knowledge to help us. Learning from someone who has spiritual practice experience and can guide us, nurture us, teach us, train us with our spiritual practices is important for our spiritual success.

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What is also something that we do not want to do is to become attached to the person who is teaching us about the world of spiritual practice. Every person on this Earth has a personality. And every single personality on this Earth has pitfalls, weak spots, imperfections, defects, failings, mistakes, stains, and sin.

You want to make a connection, a bond, make an attachment with the teachings of the doctrine of spiritual practices and not an attachment to the person who is providing the training and teaching of spiritual practice.

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Becoming overly attached to the spiritual teacher or a spiritual leader can end up being hurtful, harmful, negative, damaging, and disturbing to our spiritual journey, progress, and growth.

Our Father in Heaven has blessed us all with special gifts, powers, a sound mind, skills, and abilities. God is delighted when we are using these blessings to help others, to be of assistance, to provide, to give, to care for, to aid, to nurse, to minister to his creation of people.

I leave you fascinating people with scripture from the Book of John Chapter 6 verse 70.

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Jesus answered them, Did I not choose you, the Twelve? And yet one of you is a devil.

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