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Letting Go Of Bad Relationships

Hello everyone, I am grateful that I was able to put some time aside to focus on getting my internet platformed organized. Now I feel more comfortable being able to express my experience during my healing and recovery journey.

I am enjoying being able to speak out about my different viewpoints and not just relying on only writing.

I am doing a video in response to the Royal We Channel that was created by Kevin. Please take a look at the video in full by clicking on the link below.

Thank You, Kevin, for your words of wisdom. It is hard sometimes to believe that we are living on this Earth with so many people who do not have good hearts. This type of message is hard to swallow but it is very necessary.

People are in relationships that are causing them so much pain, turmoil, headaches, distress, and sorrow. I know it is so hard to get it in your mind that it's time to let go of a bad relationship.

No one wants to really face the reality of being abused. I know that I could not believe that I was being targeted by a Kill, Steal, Destroy, and Abuse Religious Narcissist Sociopath, Psychopath Jim Jones Occult here out in the country of Oxford, North Carolina.

What makes this situation even worse for me was being attacked by the Puppet Masters who are False Prophet Stalking Pulpit Demons pretending to be Bishops and Pastors for God's Kingdom of the Light.

It is even more difficult when you have to let go of abusive people that are in your family unit. You mistakenly think that you have no choice but to be abused by family members.

For a long time, I never entertained the thought that I was going to end my relationships with my abusive family members. I was thinking that being abused is something you just have to put up with coming from family members.

Image byJohn Hain from Pixabay

But this is not the truth. When a family member, mother, father, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, cousins, in-laws, grand people are abusing you over and over again, mentally, physically, sexually, verbally or emotionally saying good-bye and good riddance is the only answer if you care about yourself.

If you care and love yourself and the only type of relationship you are having with your family member is mostly negative then it is time to put a permanent end to that negative relationship.

You do have choices about what you need to do with your family members to protect your mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical health.

Honestly, God did not create anyone to be abused by anyone's family member or non-family member.

Based on Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

And according to Psalm 11:5, the Lord hate wicked and violence.

The Lord tests the righteous, but his soul hates the wicked and the one who loves violence.

Kevin, You are doing a great job of expressing what is needed to help to wake up the sleepy people. There are people out here on this earth that are very good at tricking people. These tricky people will try to make you think that they are in your corner or really care about you but it turns out to be false.

And why are they wanting to trick people? Because that is how they are developed, created, and wired? To me, the Cluster B personality types are tricky people. They are the Narcissist, the Sociopath, the Psychopath, the Antisocial personality types.

Image by Robin Higgins from Pixabay

It is sometimes shocking to me to hear you speak about the evildoers. In this video, you are not playing and you are not holding anything back. Good for you. You've got to tell it like it is. I am repeating what you are saying.

We need to stop thinking that we are good enough to change another person. Your bright light was created to become separate from darkness.

Stop trying to find their "good" heart. It's not a buried treasure. You don't have to work really hard to earn that good heart.

We need to stop trying to find a good heart, in a place where a good heart may not exist may not ever exist.

Every single word that you speak is so true. I know that I have always thought that there is good in everyone. I was even raised to think this way.

After all my years living on this earth, I am learning all over again like a child in elementary school all about the different types of people that are living on this earth and that not everyone is kind, nice, friendly, helpful, safe.

Image by John Hainfrom Pixabay

You have a great gift to be able to touch the hearts of the broken-hearted people. I know for a fact that there are not many places a person with a broken heart can go to for help. But it is comforting listening to you mainly because you care. I will be listening to this video over and over because it will help to reinforce the reasons why it is necessary to stop thinking that you have no choice but to put up with abusive family members.

Now on that note, I leave with this quote and wish a fabulous rest of the day.

“As you recover, you will discover that many of the so-called truths you were raised with and forced to believe are not truths at all.”

Beverly Engel