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Ignoring The Need For Treatment From Being A (Narcissist Abuser),2020.

I want to bring attention to the founder and the creator of the Illuminati Occult. He was born into a Jewish family who converted into being very faithful, loyal and devoted Christian.

He was so devoted to his Christian faith that he became a Catholic priest. He turned away from his position as a priest and created the Illuminati Satanic Occult with the financial support of the House of Rothschild the International bankers.

Adam Weishaupt left his Christian faith and loyalty to God and became interested in creating an Occult. What happened to Adam’s mind? Did something traumatic happen to him at his Roman Catholic church that ran him away? Did he start getting involved in mind altering substances?

Adam went from being a devoted Catholic priest into being a founder and creator of a very demonic illuminati Occult. An Occult that is all about killing, stealing and destroying humanity for a one-world government.

Healing from Hidden Abuse: A Journey Through the Stages of Recovery from Psychological Abuse Paperback – August 25, 2016

by Shannon Thomas LCSW (Author)

Within every community, toxic people can be found hiding in families, couples, companies, and places of worship. The cryptic nature of psychological abuse involves repetitious mind games played by one individual or a group of people. Psychological abuse leaves no bruises. There are no broken bones. There are no holes in the walls. The bruises, brokenness, and holes are held tightly within the target of the abuse. Healing from Hidden Abuse walks the reader through each of the six recovery stages researched and developed by the author. The stages are: Despair, Education, Awakening, Boundaries, Restoration and Maintenance.

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