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Ideas For July's Self-Care Challenge

Hi Everybody,

Self Care is what is needed to make sure your heart, emotions, relationships, mind, body, spirit, and soul is in good working condition.

Self Care also includes maintaining and developing healthy relationships with people.

Self Care is making sure that you are having healthy interactions with your family members, friendships, work relationships, and people in your communities.

Because I have lived my whole life around people with mental health challenges, problems, and unresolved issues, I realized at a young age that I had to always stay very strong and active in my self-care routines.

My Self Care routines have been in place starting from my elementary school years and still going strong today.

I certainly did not have a desire to end up with mental health issues and problems so I knew that I had to work on self-care daily if I wanted to stay mentally, emotionally, and spiritually well and healthy.

I also know that a person can lose their mental health very easy and it can happen very quickly out of nowhere, one minute you are mentally and emotionally vibrate, well and healthy the next minute you are not.

And it could be anything that can happen to a person that will cause them to lose their mental, emotional and spiritual health.

I do know that being involved in an abusive relationship is a sure way of developing mental health issues and problems.

And no matter what title that person who is abusing you has I say never, ever continue to have a relationship with a person who is mistreating you, abusing you, bullying you, physically, mentally, or emotionally hurting you.

As long as you are alive and breathing you are going to expose yourself to mental health issues, problems, neglect, or ignorance.

Using Food as a drug to treat anything that is bothering me from boredom to sadness is a mental health ignorance that I have.

I did not know that I was using food as a drug to help me feel better. I love eating good and tasty food especially if I was the one who cooked the great tasting food.

I have always thought that a person should enjoy eating good food. Why not? Who cares if your stomach is blowing up like a balloon? Well, that answer is another video.

There are very serious health reasons why you should be careful about what you are putting into your stomach and how much you are putting in your stomach at any given time.

When you notice that there are areas of your life that are falling apart, or not up to par, or there are problems in these areas then it is time to start to get back to focusing on your self-care.

Self-care activities are something that we should be doing every day to maintain healthiness for our life. We put our self-care in jeopardy when we are involved in abusive relationships.

Self Care is doing conscious activities that are going to bring growth, increase, and development to your mind, heart, body, spirit, soul, and well-being.

Self-care can provide you with the support that will give you a feeling of health and well-being. It eliminates the overwhelming feelings of everyday stress and strains.

Self-care will help you to handle the demands that are going on in our everyday life.

When you are working on self-care every day then you are providing yourself with affection, respect, compassion, love, kindness, joy, admiration, appreciation, and tender loving care.

When you take time out every day to restore your energy levels and restore your inner person with self-care you will be able to extend yourself to others and to the liveliness that concerns you the most.

Because we have started a new month, I think it would be a great time to start a Self Care Challenge that we all can start working on every day for the whole month of July.

There are many ways to do self-care. One useful way of getting yourself prepare for the self-care challenge is to separate your self-care according to what you are needing.

Here are a few ideas that we can add to our daily routine on our self-care journey.

1. Declutter your space 2. Drink water often 3. Window shop 4. Avoid sugar 5. cook something new.

6. Go for a morning walk 7. do a makeover 8. watch a funny movie 9. sleep as much as you want.

10. Talk to an old friend 11. do something you love as a child 12. dress up yourself in your best outfit.

13. Consider having a healthy eating day 14. consider a pedicure 15. write a love letter 16. organize and donate.

17. Spend time on your hobby. 18. plant a tree 19. create a happiness list 20. watch the sunrise and the sunset.

21. Write down how you are feeling 22. read a book 23. color in a coloring book 24. help somebody out.

25. Laugh often 26. go to the movies 27. buy yourself a nice dinner 28. make new friends 29. travel to a new state 30. do things alone.

Keep in mind that looking out for yourself by doing self-care activities is something you want to put in your life permanently.

Don't ever stop thinking about ideas for providing yourself with self-care. Make adjustments to your self-care activities based on your immediate needs.

You are going to want to do a self-care routine that fits in with what you need for that day.

It's fine if one day you are doing something new and different and another day you are doing something that is familiar to you.

The bottom line in adding self-care to your life is to provide you with healing and recovery techniques from being in or no longer being involved in an abusive relationship.

Self-care is to put the joy, laughter, and love back into a healthier life and to put the focus back on your happiness and well-being.

Have a great rest of your day and I leave you with a quote that is definitely directed at myself,

Food is the most widely abused anti-anxiety drug & exercise is the most potent yet underutilized anti-depressant.

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