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How To Be Immune To The Narcissist.

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Hello Everyone,

I am responding to a YouTube video that was published on June 28, 2020. The video is titled Lessons From People Who Are "Immune" To Narcissists. This video was created by Doctor Ramani who is one of the best Doctors out there that specialize in Narcissism and Narcissist Abuse.

I have learned so much from Doctor Ramani going on a binge-watching of her very eye-opening and inspirational videos about the Narcissist and other topics about the Cluster B personality types.

Below is a link that will take you to the video to view in full

I have been having problems and struggles against a Narcissist Religious Occult for many years that is located in Oxford, North Carolina. When you take a detailed look at the abusers you want to know what is causing this abuse? Is it drug abuse, alcohol abuse, or untreated mental health illness.

I am somewhat immune to the abuse of the Narcissist. Immune is another word for unaffected, or resistant. I am resistant to the abuse of the Narcissist because I grew up around the Cluster B personality type people.

Being raised in Westchester County, New York not far from the 5 New York City boroughs you will find plenty of Narcissists and Cluster B personalities everywhere.

It was not until recently that I learned details about the Narcissist and the different types of Cluster B personality types like the Sociopath, the Psychopath, the Borderline, and the Antisocial Personalities.

Whenever someone is displaying violent, abusive, harmful, destructive behaviors, opinions, and attitudes this is a loud and clear indication that there is something very unhealthy going on with that person's mind and emotions.

When you can see that there is something wrong with a person's mood, thinking, or behavior then that is a major sign that there is a mental health issue going on.

So what could it be?

It could be anything and you have to look to see what is causing a person to be evil, vicious, abusive, or violent. In many cases, you will notice that alcoholism or drug abuse is causing a person's thinking to be very abusive, irrational, rude, insulting, or offensive.

Over an extended period, the toxins from Alcohol or Drug abuse can lead to extensive damage to the brain that can affect a person's personality, emotions, behaviors, and attitudes.

A combination of hereditary, psychological, biological, and environmental factors also plays a part in a person's developing mental health problems.

Because I have been around people all of my life with mental health problems, I became immune or not affected by being around people with anywhere from mild to severe mental health illnesses.

There is not much anyone can do with a person whose mind and emotions are broken and damaged and they are not doing anything to get help to fix their broken and damaged mind and emotions.

That does not mean that they have a right to get away with abusing, hurting, and violating a person. And a person should not stick around a person who doesn't mind having a broken and damaged mind or who don't want to fix their damaged and broken minds.

It does not matter what title a person holds, no one should allow themselves to be abused and violated by anyone, not your mother, father, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, son, daughter, grand people, husband, wife, pastor, boss, doctor, not no one.

Here in Oxford, North Carolina, we are under attack by a Religious Narcissist Occult that is being led by two Counterfeit Pulpit Demons posing as Bishops representing God, Jesus Christ, the Bible, and God's people.

During my years of investigations, I have never figured out the main reason for their desire to hurt people for decades.

Does the abuse that they are displaying against so many people has something to do with toxic drugs or toxic alcohol abuse that is causing their abusive and violent attacks against people?

Or is it because of a combination of hereditary, psychological, biological, and environmental factors?

It has been a real headache how these abusive religious Leaders have been able to hurt so many people.

You have to wonder why no one is alarmed enough to do anything to stop the abusive treatment.

Can somebody somewhere take them by the hands to get a mental health evaluation?

It should be clear enough to see that they should be under the supervision and immediate mental wellness treatment to permanently put to rest the danger and safety of others that they are enjoying.

Based on my strong instinct, past patterns, gut feelings, and the gift of discernment, I would not be surprised if Doctor Ramani is being manipulated by the Puppet Master, and Rulers of the Oxford, North Carolina Kill, Steal, Destroy and Abuse Occult.

Could it be possible that the Good Doctor is providing Mental Health Cluster B Treatments for the Puppet Masters Occult Counterfeit False Prophet Bishops from Oxford, North Carolina?

During my years of investigations and research, I have watched numerous good people being hoodwinked, sucked in, swindled, and bamboozled into the love-bombing webs of lies and deception that this Oxford, North Carolina Jim Jones Occult represent.

I pray that Doctor Ramani is not being manipulated and controlled like a puppet on a string by the Kill, Steal, Destroy and Abuse, Religious Narcissist Occult Leaders.

It just makes no sense that our Nation is at the mercy of an underground Stalking Narcissist Cluster B Occult that doesn't care about God's people.

You just can't let people who have untreated emotional and mental health issues continue to commit criminal violations and abuse against people just because their emotions, heart, and brains are not healthy.

There are legitimate answers and a reason why they continue to hurt people just for the hell of it. The facts are there are damage, brokenness, trauma going on in their bodies that they are doing nothing about. They have mental health issues which they are ignoring.

You have to accept the reality of a person's mental and emotional unhealthy condition and not let them abuse you into becoming a wounded damaged victim of their illness.

This is how you become immune, and not affected by the abuse of a person.

by Ramani Durvasula (Author) Format: Kindle Edition

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