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How (Gaslighting Abuse) Can Hurt Your Mental Health, 2020.

If you are not careful then you will become very mentally ill

by allowing an abusive gaslighting toxic narcissist attacker to continue to abuse you.

It is very important in order to continue to survive or even to stay healthy to learn all you can about what is gaslighting.

Why do people use this abusive destructive weapon in order to kill, steal, and destroy your mind, heart, emotions, and spirit?

Gaslighting is created to remove your confidence, have you feeling suspicious, cause you confusion, keep you in a state of hesitation,

bring on fear and distrust, and take away your faith.

Like all types of abuse, gaslighting is designed to provide the gaslighting abusers with power and control.

Stay connected with a counselor, a life coach, a therapist, a doctor, a caring trusting person who you can receive some good advice, information, and encouragement from.

Find a You-Tube Channel that you can trust to learn from, where you can get some great advice from.

Revitalize and refresh your gut reactions, and your discernment.

Boldly declare the truth, maintain the truth, repeat the truth for yourself.

Get in the habit of writing things down to give your mind a break.

When dealing with a gaslighter always be prepared for a fight and always be prepared to leave.

Hi everyone

I am Debra, and I am a self-care promoter and an anti-abuse advocate.

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Over the past ten years,

I have dedicated my time and attention

to reaching out and shining the light on the evil and wicked works of darkness.

I am very well aware of the evil and wicked weapons of the emotional, mental, and spiritual destruction of the gaslighter.

Being attacked by a gaslighter is much more common then many are aware of.

You can find a gaslighter just about anywhere, on your jobs, in your home, in your families, in our government, at church, at school, and even at your family reunions.

A gaslighter can not be judged based on their outer appearance, their complexion, their education levels, their income, or their gender.

You will be able to detect a gaslighter by how they treat you,

what they say to you, how you feel when you are around them.

You can tell a gaslighter by their behaviors, tone of voice, attitudes, their actions.

You will find that gaslighting abusers are usually sociopaths, psychopaths, narcissists, slave drivers, and occult leaders like False Prophet Jim Jones, who gaslighted his devoted followers into drinking a punch that had deadly cyanide in it.

The gaslighting abusers are very devious, calculating, and scheming people.

Their goals and desires

are to cause total deterioration of a person’s mind, heart, spirit, and soul.

The purpose of causing such abusive destruction against a person’s mind and well-being is to cause their victims to be left feeling weak,

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defenseless, unsafe, and exposed to all types of vicious attacks.

Describing gaslighting as a weapon is based on the high level of injury, damage,

and suffering that this weapon causes the health of their victim's mind, spirit, and emotions.

In many cases, heavy, persistent, and extreme doses of gaslighting can cause permanent mental health damage, especially without aftercare and treatment.

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It can create and develop into Post Traumatic Stress, anxiety, depression, and can very easily spark and set off terrible mental breakdowns.

It is very hard for a person who is being abused by the gaslighter to understand, or even to have any idea that they are involved with or they have sociopaths, psychopaths, narcissists, slave drivers, abusers, or even and occult leaders in their family, in their house, at their job, in their church, or even they are sleeping with them.

It is very hard for a person to believe that their love and respect are being violated and abused.


you hear about the sociopath, the psychopath, the narcissist, the occult leader, the abuser, the slave driver from scary movies like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre or The Silence of the Lambs, or even people like Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer that is talking about serial killers.

Because gaslighting happens against a person in very slow and subtle ways, to avoid being obvious and to keep the victim from catching on, it makes it hard to put it in your head that this type of person the sociopath, the psychopath, the narcissist, the occult leader, the abuser, the slave driver may be a part of your everyday life.

The very first step

that must happen in order to start to get any assistance, to heal, recover and grow again is to understand, admit, see, identify that you are being victimized by possible sociopaths, psychopaths, narcissists, slave drivers, abusers, or even an occult leaders.

Next, make healthy connections with caring and trusting people

who will be able to assist you in your handling, understanding, and dealing with the truth of your abusive experiences.

Learning coping skills will be very beneficial.

It does not matter what type of relationship you have, mother, father, sister, brother, boss, coworkers, son, daughter, inlaws, friend, etc., no one has a right to destroy your thinking, cause you to feel hopeless, shatter your happiness and your joy,

have you second-guessing, wearing you down with lies, confusions, have flying monkeys attacking you, withholding important information, deny they said something that they said, destroy your self-esteem, tell other people lies about you, stalked you, say one thing but is doing something else.

At this point,

I would like to add another You-Tube video about gaslighting.

This video is titled 10 Gaslighting Signs in an Abusive Relationship.

It was created by Psych2Go and this video received an amazing 1,460,536 views. Please click on the link below to view this video in full.

From this point on,

if you are ready to move into a healthier position in order to guard yourself against additional hurt, harm, and pain

you have got to learn, grow, and develop how to become bold, challenging, and defiant.

You have to be on guard, ready, willing, and able what to say and what to do in dealing with the toxic and destructive gaslighter.

This is what you can say.

What you remember and what I remember are two different things.

I understand what you are saying but that is not my understanding.

If you continue to speak to me by trying to confuse me then there is nothing else to talk about.

This conversation is over bye.

I will not be arguing with you about what I believe to be the truth.

You have got to get it out of your head that you will be able to change the gaslighting abuser.

Daydreaming about, yearning for, wishing, longing,

hoping, and craving for the toxic gaslighting sociopath, psychopath, narcissist, slave-driving, occult leader abuser

to change their evil and wickedness is out of the question, it will not happen.

You have to know and understand that you are dealing with a toxic gaslighting abuser who is not able to change.

They are not wired to work with reasoning and logic.

The emotional connections and compassion, empathy, sympathy wiring is very low or is not functioning.

Realize that it is what it is. Your time now should be on self-care activities like spending time on learning how to let go and get away.

In Conclusion,

I want to continue to express how vital it is in healing and recovery from being involved in any type of abusive relationship to making self-care a priority.

To stay healthy or even to become a survivor, you have got to do something great or even good for yourself every single day.

This is not something to take lightly.

It does not matter how small it is but please do something every day to provide yourself with self-care and self-love.

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Now I want to turn it over to you.

Are you able to tell when someone is gaslighting you?

If you are then let me know how you can tell that you are being gaslighted in the comments below.

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Just because,

you love someone, doesn’t gives them permission to disrespect you and treat you badly.

Sometimes you have just got to be finished trying to deal with bad people.

There are too many great opportunities ahead of you than to be stuck any longer with the terrible things that you are having a hard time leaving behind.

Remember to Let Go and Let God.

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