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Having Holy & Religious Delusions, 2022.

Hello to all of you awesome people. It is very disappointing in learning that so many people are using religion as a cover-up for their abusive, demonic, and evil spirits.

It is very unfortunate when a person or a religious organization will use God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Bible, and God’s people to kill, steal and destroy God’s creation of people.

This is something that I have witnessed over and over again that is happening here in the state of North Carolina.

There are many religious organizations and religious people are servants for Satan and Hell and not servants for God and Heaven.

There is nothing in the Holy Bible that will ever defend, support, be in favor of,

or rationalize violence, stalking, bullying, destruction, murder, trauma, torment, and abuse.

Having Holy and Religious Misconceptions and Religious Delusions of Great importance does not give you the right to cause injury, loss, death, evil, abuse, damage, and impairment to the Nation of Ukraine.

Wearing a cross around your neck that represents the death of Jesus Christ does not explain or justify how a person can allow homicidal and abusive demonic spirits to take over a person’s conscience, emotions, heart, body, and soul.

Being privately baptized in the name of Jesus Christ by your mother in order to keep it a secret from your atheist father does not justify killing, stealing, and destroying God’s people in the Nation of Ukraine.

Being intolerant and prejudiced against the people of Ukraine because in 2019 they broke away from the Holy Russian church to become independent, does not justify creating a genocidal war that will cause mass murders, poverty, suffering, pain, injury, and hardship of God’s people.

How can any person think that the Russian leaders are miracles of God when they are responsible for causing violence against so many Ukrainian people including those who are followers and servants for our Father God and Jesus Christ.

Causing death and destruction to the people of the Nation of Ukraine due to being under the control and possession of Demonic Spirits from Hell will cause you to receive negative marks that will have a reserved place to get you into eternal hell.

Causing death and devastation to the people of Ukraine due to having a mental illness, or being mentally deranged will explain how you will receive negative marks that will cause you to spend your afterlife in eternal hell.

However, for the average person who is not mentally deranged and is not under the possession of demonic spirits, they will land themselves at the very bottom of the pits of hell.

I leave you awesome people with a scripture from the book of Matthew Chapter 26, verse 52.
Then Jesus said to him, Put your sword back into its place. For all who take the sword will perish by the sword.

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