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Having A Broken Heart Is No Fun.

Hello everyone, I am once again thrilled to be able to not only express my viewpoints by writing down my thoughts but also I can speak out and be heard. I am sending best wishes to you all and wishing you nothing but a great day.

I will be doing a commentary on a video by the Infinite Waters YouTube Channel. This video was created and published on June 23, 2020, by Ralph Deep Diver. The name of the video is How to fix a broken heart.

This is the link below to be able to view the You-Tube Video

Ralph did a great job with this video topic. I am certain that many people were able to feel comforted and supportive about your broken heart message. I was impressed enough to stop to write down my viewpoints about having a broken heart. #heart

Having a broken heart is no fun. It is not something that anyone would want to have to deal with. As long as you are living and alive dealing with a broken heart is destined to happen.

Losing a loved one due to death, losing a relationship with someone you were close to, losing your employment, losing a pet, losing money, losing a marriage due to divorce, or being involved with domestic violence are just a few ways for having a broken heart. #pet

When you get hit with heart brake you just have to go with the flow of feeling all types of painful emotions, misery, sadness, funk, depression, heavy heart, achy heart, the blues, bummer, sorrow, grief. #broke #blues

Trying to repair a broken heart can be a real challenge. What's so bad about dealing with a broken heart is you can't tell how long it's going to take for you to feel better. For some people depending on the circumstances, it can take forever.

Image by Robin Higgins from Pixabay

What I have noticed about being brokenhearted is time does not heal all wounds. You have to work at healing, mending and recovering from a broken heart. Crying and tears can be a great way to release stress from the pains of feeling heartbroken. #stress

There are benefits that you can get from having a good cry. First of all, crying helps to clear your mind. It clears your vision and removes dust, tears help you to feel comfortable. Based on a study that was done from the University of South Florida discovered that tears can increase a person's mood. #mood

Don’t be bashful about crying and shedding tears if you feel the need to cry. However, if crying starts to interrupt your everyday affairs, you may want to check with a Doctor, because it may be a sign of depression.

Weeping can display what words cannot speak.

“Let go of people who have let go of YOU”

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

This is the best advise you could give to a person and I will keep this quote close to my broken heart. This is a statement that is hard for many to handle. Letting go is difficult because of the pain of living with a broken heart.

Many will choose to be in an abusive or negative relationship versus being stuck with the pain of a broken heart. #pain

But you have to realize that there are ways to heal from a broken heart without being stuck. One of the best effective plans that would start in repairing that broken heart would be to meeting new people, activities, surroundings, and projects that would blend with your spirit, your soul, and your mind. #soul

Don't let yourself get stuck with a broken heart too long. Put happiness at the top of your list to start on your healing and recovery journey. Make happiness one of your top major concern and importance. Turn up the dial on your daily dose of laughter. There is research about the benefits of laughter. #laughter

Laughter can be a great pick me up for your mood, lower your stress level, lower tension, provide you with joy, helps your muscles to relax, give your relationships a boost. #muscles

You give great advice about a broken heart. Your story is not over yet Deep Diver. I agree with you Ralph Deep Diver, despite the evils doers that I have been experiencing I know that our Father in Heaven did not put me on this Earth to be a heartbroken abused victim.

Thanks, Ralph Deep Diver for caring about our broken hearts.

Until Next Time I leave you with a quote about a broken heart by Alexander Graham Bell.

When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.

Enjoy your day everyone.

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