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Going No Contact Helps You To Breath.

Hello Everyone, I am still trying to get used to being able to speak to you all and not just put in writing my viewpoints. I have always enjoyed writing down what I am thinking or what is on my mind. Writing helps me to take a closer look at what I am thinking.

It also helps to keep my mind from being cluttered. I like to keep a pad and something to write with around me at all times. Anytime I get an idea or have an opinion about something, or a feeling about a viewpoint I got to write it down so I don't have to worry about forgetting it.

I want to add my viewpoint about a video that was published on June 19, 2020. It is titled No Contact, How To Get Closure After Discard. The creator's name is Michele and she is one of my favorite life coaches on the You-Tube platform. She had a great warm and compassionate personality which is one reason why she is one of the best life coaches.

Please take a look at the video titled No Contact, How To Get Closure After Discard, in full by clicking the link below

Your statement Michele that Going No Contact is sadly a must last resort option is a painfully true statement.

After trying everything in your will and your power to be in a healthy relationship with someone who is abusing you consistently, Going No Contact is a must.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

When you are aware that you are involved with a person that is showing signs of abusing and mistreating you, build up your strength, get ready and start to prepare yourself to permanently walk away and leave for good.

You can not stress the importance of doing everything in your powers to care enough about yourself to leave and never look back at a relationship that is bringing you mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical pain.

And some times the physical pain doesn't always have to be an actual physical assault. There comes a time where being mentally, emotionally, and spiritually violated and abused over and over again for a long time can cause physical injuries to your body.

You will never be happy in an abusive relationship. I have experienced being targeted and attacked by a very abusive Stalking Narcissist Religious Occult Organization.

Image by kalhh from Pixabay

I discovered during years of research and investigations that I had previous family members and previous personal relationships that had been recruited by the Puppet Masters Narcissist Abusive Occult Leaders as Flying Monkeys.

Because this Oxford, North Carolina Kill, Steal, Destroy and Abuse Occult is still in operation today getting closure will never happen. This Occult has too many Narcissist members and supporters from all over this Nation.

It is not possible for people who have an abusive personality to be able to provide their victims with closure, with a finish, with a conclusion for the abuse that they are dishing out.

No one should ever expect a person who is riddled with some sort of mental and emotional health issues to all of a sudden become well and healthy enough to provide answers, explanation, motive, or justification for their abusive, toxic, hateful, nasty, dirty, evil, backstabbing negative actions towards a person's safety, peace, health, and well-being.

And in most cases when a person is abusing another person they are not getting ANY type of mental health treatment or care. This is a very serious impact that can cause the abuser to end up with mental illness crises like being arrested and incarcerated, or being a danger to themselves and other people.

The Jim Jones Religious Narcissist Occult here in Oxford, North Carolina that I have been trying to get some help with has been a danger to others for decades. This is why I call them the Kill, Steal, Destroy, and Abuse Cluster B Personality Occult. They are a danger to others and they are untouchable.

Instead of feeling bad about not getting any closure from your abusers feel lucky, and grateful that you are still alive and have the opportunity to heal from the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical abuse by Going No Contact.

Going No Contact is the best closure gift you can give yourself after finally realizing that this is the only way to save your life, to save your sanity, to save your health, to save your world from any further ruins, damage, devastation, and destruction.

Going No Contact gives your mind, body, spirit, and soul a well-deserved opportunity to heal and to recover from being abused and violated.

Going No Contact gives you the chance to stop to add new healthy and positive thinking back into your mind. You will slowly no longer have to think about your abusers.

Going No Contact allows you to start to develop new opportunities and healthier activities back into your life that will make you feel great about yourself.

Going No Contact helps you to start to breathe easily, feel at ease, tranquilize, relax, and finally calm down.

And finally going no contact from your abusers can help you to open your eyes to see how nice life is without being abused. It gives you the chance to have the opportunity to have a happy life and not an abusive life.

This video about getting closure from being abused has been very comforting to listen too. This topic about No Contact is a tough topic for many people especially those who are at a point to realize that No Contact is the only option.

For me Going No Contact was shocking for me to do. I never would imagine in my wildest nightmare that I would ever think that I would be a survivor of a violent and abusive Oxford, North Carolina Narcissist Stalking Occult where the Puppet Masters are pretending to be working for God as Bishops, Pastors, Church Leaders and Church Members of God's Kingdom Of the Light.

Thanks, Michele for your words of inspiration.

I leave you with this quote by John Mark Green

As You Remove Toxic People from your life, you free up space, and emotional energy for positive, healthy relationships.

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