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God’s People Are Petrified With Extreme Fear Of Satanic Spirits, 2022

Hello to all of you incredible people. My name is Debra. It is very important and it also is beneficial during my healing and recovery journey that I continue to speak up about my lifelong experience of being attacked and abused by evil and wicked demonic spirits from hell.

After years of research, investigations, studies, learning, and experience from being attacked and abused by demonic spirits, I realize that hiding and being secretive, tight-lipped, and silent about abuse is the same as being a violent, and abusive enabler.

The Bible states in the Book of Ezekiel Chapter 33 verse 6 that if a watchman sees a sword coming and refuses to sound the alarm to warn the people and someone ends up dead or injured, that person’s blood is on the watchman’s hand, and the watchman is committing a crime.

There is a very large population of demonic evil wicked power spirits on this Earth. It is very obvious that this demonic population is on a rise and it is far exceeding the population of servants for our father God.

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This alarming increase in the toxic abusive demonic population is mainly due to the increasing numbers of more and more people entering into eternal damnation.

It is important that we all know about how we are able to receive demerits for the evil, abusive and wicked deeds that we are doing while on this earth. In other words, receiving too many of our own demerits with a lack of repentance will land us straight into Hell.

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And being afraid and petrified of Satan and demons will not stop those demerits against you if you are abusing, killing, stealing, and destroying people.

Those demerits from our Father in Heaven can happen to you if you are going around raging and aggressively assaulting, injuring, and killing people because they said something that hurt your ego, upset and disturbed your personality, rubbed you wrong, or triggered a Cluster B reaction.

More and more people are against God our Father in Heaven. More and more people are not able to or interested in having the fruits of God’s spirit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control as part of their spirit, as part of their personality.

So much of God’s creation of people are supporters of Satan and Satan’s fallen angels.

It’s very easy to see how successful and in many cases how easy it is for demons, witches, warlocks, devils, sorcerers, necromancers, and Satan to take over partial and or total control of a person’s mind, conscience, body, spirit, and soul.

Many of God’s creations of people all over this Earth are welcoming and embracing the rotten fruits of Satan’s spirit of abuse, assault, blackmail, extortion, corruption, gaslighting, injuries, rage, trauma, turmoil, stalking, profiteering, crimes, wars, murder, battery.

And this is just a very small list of the negative and toxic personalities and evil and wicked behaviors of people who have welcomed and embraced the rotten fruits of Satan’s spirit.

When I moved to North Carolina many years ago, I was in total shock to discover that North Carolina had a very large population of evil, abusive and wicked spirits, especially in many of God’s houses of worship locations.

A very dangerous and deadly act of psychopath stalking is legal in the wicked and evil state of North Carolina as long as you are not in a relationship with the abusive psycho stalker.

I was constantly being attacked and abused by demonic psycho stalking creatures from Hell, especially while trying to worship in God’s house of worship.

This is one of many reasons why I am sad on Sunday morning. So many of God’s people are being extorted, tricked, and purposely misguided into eternal damnation by Satan and his demons from hell.

Demons have taken possession of God’s Church, God’s pulpit, the Religious leaders, and the religious people.

In the Book of Hosea Chapter 4 verse 6, it states that my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

God’s people should never be sitting under the pastoral care of religious leaders who are devoted, loyal, committed, and dedicated to a secret occult organization that was created by Satan and their fallen angels.

Because so many of God’s people are petrified with extreme fear of Satan, Devils, Ghost, and demons this is why we must never stop and we must always with power and confidence, continue to do our spiritual practices and our self-care techniques for our safety and protection from demonic attacks and or demonic possession.

Being afraid of Satan and demons is no good excuse for so many people to be working for and supporting demonic spirits and the kingdom of Hell.

Prayers to remove fear from our spirit are needed. Prayers can open up the heavens for our Father’s angelic protection from Satan, witches, and demons.

I leave you incredible people with scripture from our Father in Heaven. It is coming from the book of 2 Timothy Chapter 1 verse 7.
For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

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