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God Is Love, God Is Not Abuse, 2022.

Hi everyone, I am Debra. I have been on the battlefield fighting against abusive spirits for most of my life. And currently the spiritual warfare that I have been noticing has gotten to be much more abusive and concerning.

Our creator God our Father in Heaven did not create us to be abused, tormented, traumatized, murdered, or injured by evil, cruel and wicked people.

God is love, God is not abuse. God is kind, God is not evil. God is peace, God is not wicked. God is patient, God is not confused.

I am very troubled with a situation that has been very abusive, cruel, evil, against me and many of God’s people.

It is extremely disturbing to be living in a community here in Oxford, North Carolina that is under the control of Religious Occult Bishops and their devoted abusive flying monkeys.

I will forever be amazed to see how successful the Religious Bishops have been in the huge numbers of recruits they have gotten to sell their body, mind, feelings, character, personalities, spirits, and souls to their father the Devil.

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It’s a fact that you will develop mental health problems over time when you make a permanent decision to bond and to sell your soul for the pleasures of your wicked heart to the devil.

When a person decides to turn their life over to the Devil, that person will become a person who is in love with being evil which will lead to layers of a variety of mental health problems.

Sadly the laws here in Oxford, North Carolina is in support of abusive Stalkers that do not have a relationship with the person they are stalking.

This messed up law has opened doors to never-ending abuse. And a psychopath stalker can cause very dangerous issues in their victims’ life.

Based on divine laws there is nothing normal or mentally, spiritually, and emotionally healthy about the stalking and abusive attacks that these Occult Bishops from Oxford, North Carolina have been doing for decades.

There is also something seriously wrong with Religious Bishops who are charging their devoted Occult followers money for prayers.

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Surely the city of Oxford, North Carolina must know by now that they are living in a city with a large Occult.

A city that has Stalking Occult Bishops who have sold their body, mind, feelings, character, personalities, spirits, and souls to the father of abuse, the Devil decades ago.

And now their evil spirits and mental illness has cause this Occult and their Bishop Occult Leaders to have done some terrible things to so many people.

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And what is sad is seeing that God’s people are scared to death. God’s people are in hiding, or God’s people have decided to sell their bodies, minds, feelings, character, personalities, spirits, and souls to the father of abuse, the Devil for their heart desires.

At the cross, at the cross where I first saw the light,

And the burden of my heart rolled away,

It was there by faith I received my sight,

And now I am happy all the day!

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